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DJ Hektik was named in 1999 and played mainly technoid Drum & Bass (with excursions into other realms), mixed in tightly arranged abstracts and sometimes combined with creative intros and breaks including turntable/mixing tricks. He maintained Tilt-Recordings and T-FREE (see label history) and perhaps more labels (hehe), organized events in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area in Germany, co-hosted the weekly Drum & Bass radio show "DMF" (2001 - 2011), was an integral part of the Trio-Music crew (2000 - 2009),
wrote websites (since 2001), reflected on music & culture and (co-)wrote "the tune that renewed the heart of all music genres".

old mixes: http://hearthis.at/djhektik

old details: www.tilt-recordings.com/media/promo/DJ_Hektik

latest news: www.tilt-recordings.com/blog/tag/dj-hektik/

new default identity: http://djmix5000.wordpress.com

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