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info / promo text (circa 2006-10):
this producer/dj needs no introduction, because since 2000 he already had vinyl and cd releases on TOV, Outbreak, Flex, Southern Sessions, Nerve, Perspective, Aspect, Killahertz, Industry, Scientia, Leet, Protogen, Evol Intent, Habit, Resistance Music, Totally Advanced Music, Cabal, ELP Collective, M-Atome, now also on Tilt-Recordings, and continuing - plus mp3 releases on Shadybrain, Nerve, Intersection and T-FREE.

releases on Tilt-Recordings / T-Files:
Pyro + Mundane - FFWD [T-FILE002
Pyro + Jesta - Vision 2006 [TILT005
other releases:
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