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his last public statement on his myspace profile (2010 ?):
"Shots is a producer from Germany, making Techno-DnB for about 7 years. He released a lot of Tunes with his partners and friends Isotop and Kaiza, as well as some Solo Tunes within the support of Tilt, T-File, T-Free and the famous T3K Recordings on Vinyl and as MP3. Because of the whole change of the Drum and Bass Scene in the last years, there will be no new Releases of me in the near future. TDnB is dominated by a few people and nepotism. No chance for the music to develope. Bla Bla... This style has been killed by them. Anyhow, I'm focusing now on music styles on which I can set my mind free, feel good and having fun in producing it. Thank you all! And for those people who are to tired to read my last words for this messed up scene and music, please stop writing me invitations to your parties and stop buggin me on aim, Im out!"

releases on Tilt-Recordings / T-Files:
Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots - Tsar (Kriotek RMX) [T-FILE027
Kaiza + Shots - XCS VIP (Exodus) [T-FILE-EP009
Kaiza + Shots - XCS [T-FILE-EP009
Kaiza + Shots - Purple View [T-FILE020
Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - The Kernel [T-FILE018
Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots - Fluid [T-FILE016
Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - System32 [TILT010
Isotop + Shots + Kaiza - Kartago [T-FILE015
Isotop + Shots feat. The Phalanx - Assembler [TILT009
Isotop + Shots - Dioxin [T-FILE004
other releases:
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