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Krot is a newcomer from St. Petersburg in Russia. In the past year he had several digital and free releases on the well respected russian label TAM; also on Naturality Sound System, Mindtech and on the German netlabel Anxiety Disorder; with more tunes signed to the Italian label Modulate. Now he makes his guest appearance on T-FREE with this techy robotfunk tune that creeps up your ear just like an animal coming out of the shadow…

–> 320 kbps mp3

Here is another quality production by Kaiza feat. Try and Error, continuing their stream of fruitful collaborations. A powerful and compact Techno-DNB tool in two versions, differing in the lead midrange synth being put in 4 bars in the original version respectively in a halfbar arrangement in the VIP version.

Markoman – “Sourcream RMX” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Forbidden Society – “Sourcream RMX” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Beatsdigital, Juno, Chemical, Beatport.

T3K strikes again! This is another hard hitting EP (T3K-EXT-006)!
First, it is time for a well respected Ukrainian producer: “Techdraft” was basically written and produced by Sunchase (famous for his releases on Moving Shadow, Citrus, Sinuous, Cyclone, Salvage, Shadybrain, Drone Audio, Fokuz LTD and lots more; plus two tracks released on T-Files as T-FILE-EP001). Fellow Ukrainian producer Crypton added his twist to it and finished the track. This should be enough to tell that this collab is pure quality neuro-tech stuff. No further advertisements needed.
Second, this EP features a track called “Electric Empire”. This time Crypton (of former IBS Faction fame) teamed up with C.V.I. from Russia (see “Killzone” released as T3K-EXT005) and Re:Soul from Ukraine. The tune itself was created last year and it was reworked by Crypton in 2009 and now it is a nice neuro-tech tune from Eastern Europe to smash places all over the world.

Sunchase + Crypton – “Techdraft” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Crypton + Re:Soul + C.V.I. – “Electric Empire” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Beatport.

After the “Sourcream Remixes” LP on T-FREE, finally the two last remixes are released. Both Markoman and Forbidden Society have been around for a while now and need no introduction, as they should be well known from their releases on labels such as M-Atome, Temper D Productions, Cell, G2, Manticore, Freak Recordings, Mindsaw, Indepenza, Jungle Therapy, T3K, Black Hoe…
Markoman made a heavy syncopated stepper with massive bassline pressure for shaking clubs; and when hearing the Forbidden Society remix you are suddenly on a Death Metal concert. Halftime snare meets double time bassdrums, Metal guitars marry Drum & Bass midranges and this wicked remix is their honeymoon.

Markoman – “Sourcream RMX” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Forbidden Society – “Sourcream RMX” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Beatsdigital, Juno, Chemical, Beatport.

The last Saturday of August 2009 saw the second Special Edition of DMF this year, specially for Mr Bang-E aka Tony Neurofunktion. This man resides in the Midlands (UK) where he co-promotes the two event series “Neurofunktion” and “Subliminal”. He has a busy schedule playing on events around Europe, and he made the journey to Mannheim (Germany) extra to complete a live appearence in our studio. And it was quite a remarkable show… Not only is Tony a nice bloke dedicated to Jungle Drum & Bass with his heart since day one, he also exceeded all expectations we could possibly have for a guest DJ.

After Kaiza’s intro moderation, Tony started by saying a few words in German and played a minimix review of three of his favourite tunes for 2009. Then he broke the “highest percentage of dubplates played in a set @ DMF” record (formerly held by Bassface Sascha since 2004) by playing a set of 100% vinyl dubplates (he even has the tunes professionally mastered by Dubstudio in Bristol UK before being cut). In addition to this already astounding quality benchmark, he can really mix! What’s more, he had a red string in his set which is not a common feature amongst Drum & Bass DJs either. Plus he played tunes we like. Even the sound problems could not stop him… During his set, we had to change one of the monitors twice and fiddle about with the amplifier (which, of all things, has a defective contact at the volume knob and troubled us again that day). But he just kept selecting and mixing on the same quality level.
In short: Mr Bang-E was definitely the best guest DJ we ever had in the show since its start in 2001. No disrespect to all other guests, but – as the German saying goes: “Ehre wem Ehre geb├╝hrt.”

Later in the show, Kaiza did a short interview with Tony which we have put directly after his set in this download (because we didn’t want to put the rest of the show online… check the full playlist to see why).

And now, after this unusually high ammount of words: the actual download.

–> 192 kbps mp3

DMF – Special Edition
83 min mp3 (cut from 180 min), 192 kbps, 114.2 mb
Rec 2009-08-29 @ bermuda.funk, MA

-reviews (selected and mixed by Tony Neurofunktion aka Mr Bang-E).
01… Jubei + Cern – “Black Hole” [Ingredients Vinyl Dubplate]
02… Pyro – “Carburator 09″ [Digital Venom Vinyl Dubplate]
03… Raiden – “Hubble” [Offkey OK014 Vinyl Dubplate]

-in the mix: Tony Neurofunktion aka Mr Bang-E.
01… Chris Overdrive – “Spectralis” (Tilt Radio Exclusive Mix) [Vinyl Dubplate]
02… Ulterior Motive + Judda – “Heritage” [Never To Be Released Vinyl Dubplate]
03… Ulterior Motive – “Lost Voice” [Vinyl Dubplate]
04… Ulterior Motive + Judda – “Infrasonic” [Subtitles Vinyl Dubplate]
05… Nymfo – “Space Tourist” [C.I.A. Vinyl Dubplate]
06… Nymfo – “Magnetic Field” [C.I.A. Vinyl Dubplate]
07… Allied – “Tesserakt” [DSCI4 Vinyl Dubplate]
08… Allied – “Hypnosis” [DSCI4 Vinyl Dubplate]
09… Phobia – “Guillotine” [Coded 001 Vinyl Dubplate]
10… Raiden – “Peloton” [Position Chrome PC075 Vinyl Dubplate]
11… Raiden – “LHC” [Renegade Hardware Vinyl Dubplate]
12… No info – No info [Vinyl Dubplate]
13… Nymfo – “Social Isolation” [31 Vinyl Dubplate]
14… Sephiroth feat. Mr Bang-E – “Another Planet” [tba Vinyl Dubplate]
15… Sephiroth – “Dance With Death” [tba Vinyl Dubplate]
16… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Fuck The Speakers” [Tilt T-FILE024 Vinyl Dubplate]

-interview (tune in background).
01 Histibe – “B.C.” [CDR]


The Tilt-Recordings vinyl releases are now digitally available on Chemical Records (in addition to ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Beatsdigital and Beatport).

The Tunes released via T-Files and T3K will soon be added.

T3K presents Cerber, Vincent and Iron aka C.V.I. and their tune “Killzone” on T3K-EXT005. Mostly known for their tracks in eastern europe, they gain more and more reputation after some releases on Mindocracy, Mind Outside Recordings and the well known HMSU netlabel. Also, Metafiziq will feature them in the future.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes and Beatsdigital and Juno, Beatport.


Germany’s Tilt Recordings has spent the last 5 years finding the cream of the up-and-coming crop, bringing you glimpses of artists who’ve ended up making names for themselves, including Dissident and Spinor. Their latest push is also their first longplayer, from Ukranian producer Redco, who has been active within the scene since 2003, and has had tracks signed to labels like DSCI4, Contaminated, Reapa and Trust In Music. With Soulfunk, Redco straddles the dancefloor-smashin’ neuro sound, playing up the older influences while still keeping things fresh and current.

Redco: Soulfunk [T-FILE-LP001]

“Backworld” VIP
“Generic Host”
“Blessing The Funk”
“False” VIP
“Naspar” VIP
“Black Creator”

We know what you’re saying, though – what do these tracks sound like? Well, Tilt and Redco have brought forth a Promo Mix, featuring a host of the Soulfunk tracks alongside some dubplates and fresh releases from like-minded producers!

Redco Promotional Mix: August 2009

01 Nphonix & Logical – Antigravity (Subtitles)
02 Receptor – Rhyno (Breed12Inches)
03 Redco – Naspar VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
04 Cinkoz – New Element (Urban Bass Recs Dub)
05 Maztek – Funk Me Hard (Subculture Dub)
06 Redco – Data (TiM Dub)
07 Two Fingers Feat Sway – That Girl (Spor Remix) (Big Dada)
08 Hightech & Nickbee – Crush (Dub)
09 Redco – False VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
10 BTK – Ectoplasma (Dub)
11 Muffler – Dirrrty (SighCo)
12 Phace and Misanthrop – Fortune (Subtitles)
13 Redco – Subsense (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
14 Spor – Some Other Funk (Lifted)
15 Aeph – Crucifix Lane (Flight)
16 Silent Extent – Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Close2Death Dub)
17 Redco – Shield (Dub)
18 Muffler – Melodrama (Dub)


original release post:

2R are a duo located in Kishinev, Moldova. Their name is relatively new to the international Drum & Bass circus, but has already appeared on several russian CD releases. Then, in spring 2009, 2R were featured on the Rare Grooves Vol.2 LP on Zardonic’s netlabel Zardonic Recordings and put out a digital EP on Ammunition Records shortly after. Now they show some more of their talent with this techy stepper “Warning”, a solid piece of earcandy!

–> 320 kbps mp3