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Kaiza and Shots are both sick producers, and when coming together they are a force to be reckoned with. Now they have done it again… After their wicked collabo “Purple View” [T-FILE020] and two more tunes just recently released on Ogonek’s label Metafiziq, they return to Tilt-Recordings / T-Files with this simplified, heavy and bouncing Techno-DNB stomper: Aggressive halfbar looptechno, no skulls needed. And it comes in the already well known fashion of bringing two different versions, original and VIP – to serve the principle of variation and variety and to please the Techno-DNB forum VIP crew ;)

Kaiza + Shots – “XCS” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Kaiza + Shots – “XCS” VIP (Exodus) –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Beatsdigital, Chemical, Juno, Beatport.

Here is another technoid outing by the never tired German producer Kaiza and his allies Try and Error. It rolls forward very much with the Kaiza-typical fast staccato percussions which are nearly inaudible to the untrained ear but form a dynamic core within the centre of the reduced, straight halfbar beat. The bassline and bassdrums together with the snare form a virtual 4/4 structure which is broken by a concert of stabs and mangled samples and many edits, all in a counterdynamic arrangement, 100% Techno. The tune is significantly different from many older Kaiza productions in that the main elements of the beat are not so dominant in the mixdown but rather merge with the percussion layers and even the bass, creating a dense entity of interchanging rythms (the outro reveals this character of the tune by stripping it almost completely down to the beat).

–> 320 kbps mp3

This is the debut of Eiton on T3K. He does not produce that many tunes but his unique approach and very kind manner put him into a central position: after his first appearances (“Smok”, unreleased and “Ethanol”, later released on Digital Venom including a Pyro remix), he smashed heads with the ubertune “Kopilot” respected by nearly all known techno-dnb DJs and signed to Impakt Records. “Pneumo” (T3K011) does not stand behind and combines nasty lower ends, pushing beatstructure and a wicked stab-hookline to get you wild.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Beatport, Juno.

Two tunes by Kaiza and Shots have been released via Ogonek’s label Metafiziq (MTFZ004D) just now:

Kaiza + Shots – “Pravda” –> 128 kbps clip
Kaiza + Shots – “Betaload” –> 128 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Beatsdigital.

Review by DJ Hektik (Tilt-Recordings / T-FREE / DMF / Trio-Music, Mannheim):

“Pravda” puts together the best of Kaiza and Shots; it is a 110% Techno
Drum & Bass stepper. The drums, the percussions, stabs and the bassline
form a bouncy and counter-dynamic yet intelligent halfbar loop
construction which is constantly changed and broken up with things like
driving additional ghost bassdrums, many edits and some of these twisted
Shots trademark synths. The result is heavy pressure, the famous
mashhand and a dirty smile.

“Betaload” is psychedelic dance music made by crazy robots for crazy
robots. A bouncy bassline drives a hacked and driving beat through a
strange wonderworld rich of machine-like stabs, fx and different
soundrooms. It is very varied and more the opposite of minimal, and yet
it is hypnotic in a schitzoid way… A rather unusual and experimental,
nonetheless dancefloor-suited tune from Kaiza and Shots.

“Koo” by Isotop + Shots + Kaiza has been released on the netlabel Fish Recordings (FISH001):

–> 320 kbps mp3 (mirror)

there is a new net-label called fish recordings:

fish recordings is another one of those unknown, not really needed and
superficial attempts to gain acceptance within an underground
music-scene which are usually called “label”.
it is based right in the middle of nowhere (and if you are honest you do
not really want to know!). dj zoidberg and mc moby dick, the two
dilettantes behind this fun project will do a lot to get some attention:
they take some stupid beats, a bit of unfunny artwork and too much silly
promo texts and release it for free (due to the fact that nobody will
buy this crap!)
music should be a fun thing and bring people together to have a good
time. so, dont get fat-assed sitting at your computer, having no friends
and life and being broke all the time like the idiots running this right
here and take the stuff and show it to everybody!

here it is, the first release on fish recordings:

isotop + shots + kaiza – “koo” [fishrecordings / FISH001]

you have to face the truth: dnb is dead, the hype is over and nobody is
selling any records nowadays. young girls are interested in tech-house
and minimal affairs now and so guys follow: parties are empty, labels
have to be shut down and radiostations loose the last listeners.
what is the reason behind this developments?
girls do not want to take part in a scene of bloodthirsty, braineating
and brutal zombies misbehaving on dancefloors and showing how hard they
are by cutting off the arms of others to wave them around. and thats the
main point in most of the tunes at the moment: they are grimey, dark and
bloody all the way…
the artists behind this tune tried to do something different back then.
but this track does not represent the style of them anymore, so they are
back in producing grimey, dark and bloody stuff again for a bunch of
people liking to be bloodthirsty, braineating and brutal who want to
misbehave on dancefloors and show how hard they are by cutting off the
arms of others to wave them around!

Yabol from Lodz (Poland) had his debut release on T-FREE in 2007, together with Pylon and Structural. Later that year, Structural made the widely celebrated “M3CH4PL3X Promo Mix 2007” which quickly spread the names of Yabol and his Mechaplex crew mates Soccom, Pylon and Switch Technique in the Techno-DNB scene. Two of their tunes were signed to DSCI4 and others got released on Venom Inc, Sinuous, Prspct, Cyba Drum, Substance, Digital Venom, Sinious Audio, Dark Asylum, Impakt, Ruse, Flight Digital and Zardonic Recordings. Now, Yabol honours T-Files with “The Lawnmover Man”, a powerful and twisted yet deep Techno-DNB stomper. It had already been featured in said Promo Mix in 2007 (which, by the way, is still online and downloadable)… and now, two years later, it is finally unleashed.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Beatsdigital, Chemical, Juno, Beatport.

Paperclip and Dereck from Moscow teamed up for a while and produced some tracks together (Paperclip is known from his releases on Cyclone, Ammunition and Shadybrain; Dereck has put out tracks on Abducted and is signed to Freak, Obscene, PRSPCT, Temper D Productions and Sinuous). One of them is the tenth release on T3K and it is called “Eliksir” which has elements from both, the neuro- and the tech- worlds combined to assemble a proper dancefloor aiming robotmonster.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Juno, Beatport.