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T3K014 is featuring a track called “Dogfight”. This tune was produced by Ogonek and C.V.I. from Vyborg, Russia (they demonstrated their skills on T3K-EXT005 and T3K-EXT006). It is a pounding piece of straight technoid Drum N Bass. Nothing more and nothing less. This one certainly does not miss his aim! This release brings you one of the longtime activists of Eastern Europe: Ogonek is one of the founders of the DNB-scene in Sofia, Bulgaria (head of Metafiziq Recordings and co-founder of well known and very busy HMSU crew which consists of other members like Cooh and Mocks). He is producing for a lot of years now, his first releases came up in 2002! And he is one to watch out for in 2009…

C.V.I. + Ogonek – “Dogfight” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Juno, Beatport.

Sinecore, one of the newer faces on the forefront of technoid, dark and hard Belgian Drum & Bass, returns to Tilt-Recordings to delivers a remix of Kriotek‘s “BoRRhot” (originally released as T-FILE011 in 2008). It is very straight forward and technoid to the core, building on the vibe of the original but pushing it to the next level: the remix is free of melodic ballast and has a hard halfbar loop construction just like the original, but the beat sounds are much more compact and the bassdrum arrangement morphs a lot; the lead synth has morphed significantly but is still recognizable and the halfbar bass impulse has changed to a deep rumbling. In the end Sinecore has created a mighty weapon, combining a powerful, seriously technoid drive with playful edits.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Beatport.

T3k brings you the next release (T3K013) and presents an EP consisting of three slammers by Proton Kid from Brasov, Romania. He got massive reputation with his production team “Kriotek” (which is him, Nufojah and Blastphemik) in first place (remember “BoRRhot”, released as T-FILE011). Lately he is doing a lot of solo stuff which also got good feedback. His tracks are released on SCPTX, Monstersound and Ammunition to name a few. “Bisektor”, “Foreign” and “Pneumator” take a direction which can be described best with the words “no remorse”. The implemented driving structure of the bass and mids keep you busy on the dancefloor plus counter-dynamic synth elements, pushing percussion and a clever arrangend beat support the induced need to move. Those tracks will keep you busy!

Proton Kid – “Bisektor” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Proton Kid – “Foreign” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Proton Kid – “Pneumator” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Juno, Beatport.

Two tunes by Kaiza, Try and Error, Isotop and Shots have been released via Abducted Recordings (ABDIG016) on November 13th:

Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Eon” –> 64 kbps clip
Isotop + Shots + Kaiza – “Relay” –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, Digital-Tunes, Beatsdigital

This heavy release is sure to indulge any Drum and Bass enthusiast across the globe. Kaiza, Try and Error’s track, Eon lures you in gently with rolling drums and then begins slowly assaulting your eardrums with Kaiza’s unique blend of bass and synth hits. A sinister melody of twisted sounds that are sure to send any dance floor into a craze. Relay by Isotop, Shots and Kaiza boasts the same brutal technique, but with a slightly different approach. Utilizing a wider variety of sounds such as a heavy reece and multiple one shot hits, they manage to take a more minimalist approach to a very intricate sound design.


Hektik (Owner of Tilt Recordings)

“Relay” is, like all 3-way collaborations between Isotop, Shots and Kaiza, an interesting combination of their different approaches both technically and musically. It is a hybrid between technoid and “minimal” Drum & Bass with a dose of Neurofunk in it. A compact beat with fast paced high end percussions accompanied by a very subtle reece midrange accentuation on a broody hover bassline sets the stage for a playful arrangement of synth stabs and bleeps edited with reverb and other fx. In summary, the three created a soundscape of electronic dance music with characteristics similar to classical dub reggae but in a modern technoid Drum & Bass shape.

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Obviously something has changed: the blog address. What’s more, “Trio-Music” and “DMF” have disappeared from the blog title; the links and the “about” page have been altered in a similar way. The reason for these changes is that Kaiza and DJ Hektik have split their crew, projects and common “identity” (fyi: without beef – see
Both will continue to use this blog together for their label news and other info, only under this new flag.

This will be interesting!

Two tunes by Kaiza and Try and Error have been released on the netlabel Cyber Crunk (CCK006):

Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Left Spin” –> 320 kbps mp3 (mirror) / wav (!)
Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Demons In My Head” –> 320 kbps mp3 (mirror) / wav (!)

The sixth release of the netlabel Cyber Crunk came into being in the company of German artists Kaiza, Try and Error. You’ve certainly heard their productions on MindTech, Tilt, Metafiziq, T-Free, etc… Today here is on CCK with two technoid songs entitled “Left Spin” and “Demons In My Head”.
Thanks to the artists participating in the project, and thanks to all who support us! Big up!


La sixième sortie du netlabel Cyber Crunk voit le jour en compagnie des artistes allemands Kaiza, Try & Error. Vous avez déjà certainement entendu leurs productions sur les labels Mindtech, Tilt, Metafiziq, etc… Les voici aujoud’hui sur Cyber Crunk avec deux morceaux Technoïd intitulés “Left Spin” et “Demons In My Head”.
Merci à Kaiza, Try & Error d’avoir participé au projet, et merci aussi à tous ceux qui nous supportent! Big up!

Check their other releases on

T3K brought you several solo tunes from German producer Shots (see T3K002,T3K003, T3K004) and some collabs (see T3K005, T3K007, T3K008). T3K always was very proud to have him onboard and tried to push his name to the minds of other DNB heads. And T3K will be loyal to this man! It has been a while, but now it is time for a furious comeback called “Fahrenheit” which is a collab-track with Kaiza. This one is just about fusing Techno and Drum N Bass in its purest form and if tested on dancefloors you will see that it is built to set them on fire…

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Juno, Beatsdigital, Beatport.