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French producers Kenei (busy at the moment with setting up his own label with Brainfuzz) and Eiton (see T3K011: “Pneumo”) form the project “n0te” and they realized a big one called “The Six Names” quite a while ago.
A very heavy midrange-based killer which never was picked up by a label. Kaiza, a big fan of the works of those french artists, always liked the track a lot and wondered about the status of this tune one day and contacted both producers. Kenei was not too font about the idea of releasing the old version and promised other new material to be released on T3K, but switched his opinion some weeks later and remade the track for a new 2009 version: it is a very big honour for T3K to bring you this big work of modulated midrange, rough rhythm and astonishing atmosphere. “The Six Names 2009″ will catch you and take your breath!

n0te (aka Kenei & Eiton) – “The Six Names 2009″ –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Juno, Beatport.

“Starkstrom” by Kaiza and Shots has been released on the netlabel Internet Recordings (www003) on 2009-12-07:

Kaiza + Shots – “Starkstrom” –> 320 kbps mp3 (mirror)

Kaiza from Mannheim is without doubt the most active Techno-DNB artist in Germany. He was one of the first artists to systematically focus on this style together with his former studio partner amex and actually coined the term “Techno-DNB” in early 2004. He has actively shaped this music and the scene on many levels ever since its official formation in 2005, and in 2009 alone he has produced over 70 tunes together with Shots, Try and Error, Isotop, D-Struct, Bassrk, Eiton, Mefjus and other artists; plus he released over 40 of them in all formats and on numerous labels, including his own digital imprint T3K and his mother label Tilt-Recordings (& T-Files), which he co-founded in 2003, and the affiliate netlabel T-FREE. Aside from producing and releasing technoid Drum & Bass, maintaining his own label for technoid Drum & Bass and playing mostly Neurofunk and technoid Drum & Bass when being booked to events, Kaiza has been covering almost all facets of Drum & Bass in his mixes over the past years, but also Reggae/Dancehall, Dubstep, House, Techno and Hiphop. Furthermore he has been hosting the weekly and versatile Drum & Bass radio show DMF since 2001 and used to organize parties for Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, House and Breaks in the Mannheim area.

Shots is a very talented and crazy producer hailing from Palatinate (near Mannheim) in Germany. He first appeared at the surface of the scene with his fulminant debut “Burning Identity” (together with his long time studio partner Isotop) on T-FREE in early 2008 and then released a handful of collaborations with Isotop and The Phalanx plus three solo tunes on Tilt-Reordings (& T-Files), T-FREE, Wayside and T3K; and he started to occasionally make tunes together with Kaiza in fall 2008. In the course of 2009, the two artists put out 6 straight collaborations and 10 more tunes together with Isotop on vinyl, digital labels and netlabels like Metafiziq, Abducted, Fish Recordings and Anxiety Disorder and of course the already mentioned Kaiza affiliated labels. And still there are many more tunes on the release schedule…


Tags: bleep, dark, Drum & Bass, electro, Germany, Kaiza, Shots, stomp, tech, Techno-DNB, technoid.

www003: Kaiza + Shots – “Starkstrom” (free 320 kbps mp3) by Internet Recordings

“Shaka (Antilife)” by Kaiza feat. Try and Error has been released on the free digital “The Frame Of Mind LP Vol.2″ via Mindtech on December 24th:

Kaiza feat Try And Error – “Shaka Antilife” –> 320 kbps mp3 (mirror)

Seasons greetings from Mindtech!
We wish you all the best during the festive season and as a special gift to our loyal followers we are offering our second album to you for free!
The album is called “The Frame Of Mind LP Vol.2″ and features 13 tracks from our artists.
We would also like to take the time to thank the people who follow and support us and we wish you all the best for 2010!!!


A P Bolan – “Goodfoot Here”
Beastie Noize’s – “Deadsmash”
Bowser – “Vienna Night Fight”
Charly Endocriner – “Train Crossing”
Evidence – “Punishment”
Kaiza feat Try And Error – “Shaka Antilife”
Karn Evil – “Search Party”
Neopsy – “Entrophy”
Overdrive – “Street Tough”
Reanix – “Stop The Rot”
Robax – “Mad Moo”
Sound Agent and Anarki – “Dead Rock”
Stereotype and Scarecrow – “The Copy Write”

Download for free on:
SoundCloud or

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Larrge is a DJ and producer from Sevilla, Spain. He has been deejaying for 12 years and finally made the next step to producing tunes in 2008. “Black Hole” is his debut: a functional tune, 100% technoid, free of melody but not “hard”. It is built on rhythm and variation, laying out a texture of interconnecting percussion loops. Larrge obviously know what kind of tunes a DJ needs in his sets, and he does cater that need. Soon, more of his works will be coming on other netlabels such as Necroid and Fish Recordings.

–> 320 kbps mp3

Eiton is a young newcomer producer/DJ from France. He is part of the promoting association “UNC.Audio” and does produce as “n0te” together with Kenei. Eiton has been making waves in the Techno-DNB scene even before his first release: his epic “Kopilot” was a huge underground hit ever since mid 2008. In 2009 it was released on Impakt Records, shortly after his debut “Ethanol” (alongside a Pyro Remix) on the Digital Venom label. He has also released tunes on Melting Pot Digital, T3K Recordings and the Belgian netlabels Necroid and Cyber Crunk. He is also signed to Synchronize Recordings, SCPTX, Sinuous, Insekto and some coming-soon-labels. In summary, there is no doubt that Eiton will make his way trough the ranks of technoid Drum & Bass.

–> 320 kbps mp3

After his vinyl debut on Dramfank, two digital releases on Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and three more tunes on the netlabels Fish Recordings and Internet Recordings, Mefjus delivers another one of his midrange-driven techfunk rollers with a dramatic intro & build-up and a surprising break. And 2010 will see much more releases… Watch him!

–> 320 kbps mp3

After those two nasty dancefloor instruments (see T3K013: “Foreign” and “Pneumator”) by Proton Kid from Brasov, Romania (of Kriotek fame), it is now our pleasure to bring a follow up to you: Proton Kid`s big tune “Pneumator” is put to a VIP version. This one is just an insane piece of wickedness. The sounds remain the same but the structure is that twisted! Definetly worth a check out…

Proton Kid – “Pneumator VIP” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 available on ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Chemical, Beatsdigital, Juno, Beatport.

Recent post about the “Pleasure Ride” and “Head On The Ground” Remixes by Isotop + Kaiza via FLTDIG021 and another release on Flight Digital by Redco

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“Q (The Limits Of Control)”, another tune by Kaiza feat. Try and Error, has been released via the digital label SCPTX on November 27th:

Scptx records unproudly presents:
[SCPTXDGT010LP] EMOKILLERS – Various Artists

Triamer – “Pes-Da” –> 64 kbps clip
Nufojah – “Vacuol” (Proton Kid RMX) –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza feat Try and Error – “Q (The Limits Of Control)” –> 64 kbps clip
Terror(east) + TRN18 – “The Last Day” –> 64 kbps clip
Destructo + BlackCode – “Chemical Bleeding” –> 64 kbps clip
Beastie Noize’s – “Red Alert” –> 64 kbps clip
LSD – “R U Deaf” –> 64 kbps clip
Kzss + The Collaboration – “Reality” –> 64 kbps clip
Effect – “Pure Energy” –> 64 kbps clip
Cyclone – “Empty Space” –> 64 kbps clip
Roomoff + Amp – “Kannibal” (feat Fade) –> 64 kbps clip
Nufojah – “Second Hand Human Parts” (2009 VIP) –> 64 kbps clip
Exiva + Terror(east) – “Extermination” –> 64 kbps clip
Dead Phantoms – “Illidan” –> 64 kbps clip
Idoleast – “Katastrofa” (Himself RMX) –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Juno.

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