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With the nineteenth release on T3K Recordings you get the first remix: the rework of Isotop`s “Mininmalism” by Kaiza and Beyond keeps the very own vibe of the original, which was the first track to be put out on T3K
Recordings in early 2009, and adds some twists to it plus changing the structure a bit but without touching it`s clean sounds and the rolling beat. The result is a rolling but minimal hybrid up to date with common musical developments.

Isotop – “Mininmalism (Kaiza + Beyond RMX)” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, ithinkmusic, and others…

The long anticipated second Future-Music Sampler 2010 (after the first one in 2003) has been released yesterday with the following tunes in 320 kbps for free:

01. Enea & MC Fava – “Point Of View”
02. Global feat. Sparky – “Future Music”
03. Kool K – “Spawn” 2010
04. Global feat. Sparky & niLOWmcee – “Was Wäre Wenn”
05. Wintermute – “Memories Of That Day”
06. Polarity feat. Steppsen – “Schluss Mit Lustig”
07. Budoka – “Finsterling”
08. Mefjus – “Secret Chamber”
09. Kaiza & Shots – “Pravda” VIP
10. NSF – “Cool Summer”
11. NSF – “Limb By Limb”
12. The Dude feat. Sparky & Ill Type MC – “Rapmutanten”
13. NSF – “Jah Na Dead” RMX
14. Tobi & Sabrination – “Even”
15. Phader – “Zukunftsmusik”

Free download here:

Artwork V.1:

Artwork final:

It Is time for a new name on T3K Recordings. Dysphory is a very young talent from Khotkovo, Russia and brings in the insidious thing called “Virus” which will get you down to the floor! A very surprising track which has all it should have: a stomping beat, evil synthworks and good variation throughout the whole track. This one should be checked by all friends of technoid Drum N Bass and those who are after good music and not those who only check productions by bigger and more known names!

Dysphory – “Virus” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, ithinkmusic, and others…

More info on this party and artist links can be found here:

T3K introduces the new sub-series “T3K Experimental” for radical and uncompromising stuff just like those two crazy smashers made by eRRe and Nightm4r3. So, T3K-EXP001 shows that the madness is from Spain: “Dont Clap” and “Overdrive” drill your head, suck out your brain and throw it away…

eRRe + Nightm4r3 – “Dont Clap” ->128 kbps mp3 clip
eRRe + Nightm4r3 – “Overdrive” ->128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, ithinkmusic, and others…

After three single Colmant tunes on Tilt-Recordings (Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten – “Vendetta” [T-FILE012], Kriotek – “Borrhot” (Sinecore RMX) [T-FILE026], Sinecore + Peter Kurten – “Virulence” [T-FILE029]) it is now time for an EP (and something else soon). “Arsenic” is a rhythmic bouncer, almost completely dry. A proper basic loop made of syncopated bass stabs interplaying with a strong kickdrum and a dry snare, opened up with creative breaks, is all that is needed. “The Dead Man Walking” has a similar structure. But it is rolling more, has a much less prominent snare and there is a constantly modulated synth line woven into the rhythmic texture. Techno at its core: melody functions smoothly as one among other rythmic elements.

Check and!

Peter Kurten + Sinecore – “Arsenic” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Peter Kurten – “The Dead Man Walking” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 and wav available on Beatport, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Chemical, ithinkmusic.