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All tunes formerly released commercially on Tilt-Recordings & T-Files have been available as free downloads for years along with the original netlabel releases on T-FREE; now they have all been uploaded on for posterity.


Final statement:

Some might have noticed that Tilt-Recordings has discontinued its operations… Although originally intended otherwise (cf TILT010 promotext) there will be no further vinyl releases on Tilt-Recordings because of the well known structural problems of the music industry in the contemporary digital media environment, effectively low vinyl sales and lack of funds. And since Tilt-Recordings started out as a vinyl label, it would be missing something essential if being continued 100% digitally. So the label was closed altogether.

Its last vinyl release has been TILT010 by Isotop/Kaiza/Shots/Budoka in early 2009, and the last digital release (T-FILE-EP015) came from Mefjus in November 2010.

The vinyl backstock was given out for free in spring 2011, all tunes were pulled from the digital shops soon after and were eventually made available as free 320 kbps mp3 downloads on the label homepage:

Bulk download links for all tunes officially released on Tilt-Recordings (zip files & podcast feeds):

No releases whatsoever will follow after, no label comeback or re-opening of Tilt-Recordings will happen. This shutdown is final. The associated Soundcloud profile and Facebook page/group will be terminated in July.

The sister netlabel T-FREE was also closed parallely in 2011, with a massive final celebration release – an LP (“tl;dr Happy End”) with 35 tracks from Budoka, Kaiza, Mefjus, Pyro, kr4y, SKC, Mav, Paperclip, Engage, Polarity, Proktah, Phony, Bowsar and many others:

Bulk download links for all tunes ever released on T-FREE (zip file & podcast feed):

We the people behind Tilt-Recordings (Budoka, DJ Malice, Kaiza and DJ Hektik) are still around and can be contacted & booked through the label homepage and our social network profiles (Soundcloud, Facecock etc).

Kaiza’s own label T3K Recordings (started in February 2009 as a semi-sublabel and detached from Tilt-Recordings in 2010) is still very much active:

Running Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and T-FREE was a significant part of my life for the past decade. I came to meet a lot of interesting people, had many valuable experiences and tons of fun, and I believe I also have learned some facts. My thanks go to all involved artists for their musical contribution and especially for allowing me to put the tunes online as free downloads after ending the money business, Phono (without his input the Tilt vinyl series since 2006 could not possibly have been the same; R.I.P. Leet & Intersection!), Jens Zimmermann aka Tyrell, Pyro, Polarity, Dimo, xplizit, Massl, David Badger and all others who contributed resources and information at various stages, most of all to the original founders and label mates Kaiza and Budoka.

Now for some final words by these other two label owners of Tilt-Recordings who have remained silent in most of the former label statements.

“Tilt-Recordings was the start of something for me. It was way more than just a label to release music i made or i liked. For me, it began to happen at the right time and the right place. And it was the melting pot of beliefs, ideals and expectations and also the first place of examination, observation, reflection and of course action. It was the roof over my head when “bad weather” was working against me and the “ground” beneath my feet on which i could walk whenever i wanted to. For me, the label was an absolute term for quite a long time. It was the main medium to make contacts, see the world and find a position in the dnb (lol)-circus. Although the idea (and so the label itself) was totally different in the beginning from what it became later on, Tilt-Recordings and all the people and things around it were basic groundworks for my musical development and also for my personal formation.
Now, some years later (and after countless experiences which can not be named here) and of course after a lot of change, i can say that i learned and gained so much from this project. For sure, these experiences are something that i dont want to miss… ”

“Looking back on the past almost ten years with ten vinyl-releases, a couple of mp3s and a heavy load of free tunes, Tilt-Recordings was not only a label to me but so much more. It was my homebase and it has given me the possibility to share my music to people all over the world. In all these years I gained a lot of experience and found many new friends. The label also pushed my development in producing and the evolving of my own sound.
So I have to thank my label-m8s for their hard work and for the many discussions we had. Sometimes they weren’t easy, but in the end we still made it and I’m proud that I’ve been a part of it.”

Teh links: (soon offline) (soon offline)

Following the free vinyl giveaway and the vinyl tunes downloads, here is the rest of the tunes released commercially via Tilt-Recordings – all the T-Files releases are now online as free 320′mp3:


Use these podcast RSS feeds to bulk-download all the tunes released via Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and T-FREE:

Kaiza and T3K Recordings are very proud to present “Resolution” by D-Struct from Seattle, Washington (USA). This guy is well known in the dnb-scene: he had tunes out on Nerve, Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, Barcode, Onset Audio, Ohm Resistance, Sinuous and others.
And this tune shows why this guys is that known: “Resolution” is a reduced neuro-tech excitement showing a path which only D-Struct knows to go…no more words needed!

D-Struct – “Resolution” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, Digital Tunes and others…

The tenth EP of T3K`s Extended series combines the work of Kigami (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Dereck (Moscow, Russia). The first, Kigami, is known for tracks released via Metafiziq vinyl (MTFZ001 “Missing Particle EP”) and digital (MTFDZ003D) plus the stunning “Squalor” (with Vanks) signed on Tinnitus. The second, Dereck, put out a track on T3K before (“Eliksir” with Paperclip, see T3K010) and had several other releases: one recently released is the “Konus EP” on Temper D Productions (TDP017). Both producers are well respected and have advanced production technique which is confirmed again with these two tracks…do not hesitate to check them out!

Kigami – “Listen Its Coming” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Kigami + Dereck – “Techno Corporation” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Digital Tunes and others…

Peter Kurten from Belgium is insane! After you listened to this EP you know why, and you know why he named himself after a very evil person who killed a lot of people. His music is full of authencity and certainly some provocation: “Furious Anger” and “Le Nom De Dieu” (T3K-EXP003) constantly beat your head without remorse. Expect no mercy…

Peter Kurten – “Furious Anger” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Peter Kurten – “Le Nom De Dieu” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, and others…

What happens if you mash New York Hip Hop with Hard Techno? Insane Peter Kurten (from Belgium, known from releases on own imprint Evil Beats and releaes on labels such as T-Files, Intransigent, Melting Pot, Independenza and others) creates a constant knock to your head at about 175 bpm only interrupted by some NYC/ROC samples. And all this made in a Drum N Bass-context. Dont get it twisted and expect something you never heard before…

Peter Kurten – “Hard Knockz” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, and others…

Four tracks by Kaiza, T-Psy, Shots and Beastie Noizes have been released via Ex Machina Recordings (EMR11) on December 2nd:

Kaiza + Beastie Noizes – “Force Contact” –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + Shots + T-Psy – “Synthax” –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + T-Psy – “Biolek” –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + T-Psy feat. Shots – “Frik 2″ –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Beatport and Juno.


Two tracks by Kaiza, Isotop and Try and Error and one by Block Dodger have been released via Techsys Recordings (TSRB001) on December 1st:

Block Dodger – “Bunker Buster” –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + Isotop + Try And Error – “Doktor” –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + Isotop – “Moniker” –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Juno.


This release contains three damagers by one of the longtime activists of Drum N Bass in Eastern Europe called Ogonek:
this guy is one of the founders of the DNB-scene in Sofia, Bulgaria (head of Metafiziq Recordings and co-founder of well known and very busy HMSU crew which consists of other members like Cooh and Mocks).
He is producing for a lot of years now, his first releases came up in 2002, and this three tracks are timeless monsters of big punching bass and well wicked beat structure and screaming synth hooks which do not
let you get away. Ogonek is a fucking genious, no doubt, and this EP is a proof of his status and abilities!

Ogonek – “I Love You Move Me” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Ogonek – “Mars Is Near” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Ogonek – “Summer 782″ -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, and others…

It is time for the second 2-track EP for T3K Recordings from the man they call T-Psy. This one is even more nasty, even more crazy and even more energetic than the first one. “Insanity VIP” is a new version of a tune released on the netlabel “The Necroid Project” (see NCRD-001) with significant changes in sound and structure. “Persecution” is just banging the shit out of you with aggressiveness and brutality which is surely without equal.

T-Psy – “Insanity VIP” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
T-Psy – “Persecution” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, and others…

T3K024 brings out two tracks by T-Psy from Brussels, Belgium. Both tracks are very solid workouts using a strict loop-oriented foundation. “Destiny” has a static synth and different percussive and mid-bass elements around which result in distinct dynamic movements when combined in this way. “Transmition VIP” is an advanced version of “Transmition” (released earlier on T3K Recordings) and using more percsussive threads and having a more aggressive move. Expect more stuff from Belgium on various labels in the next months (and check out T-Psy releases on Cyber Crunk Records already released for free plus releases on Dark Box, Suspect Device, Nu:Gen and Necroid Project)!

T-Psy – “Destiny” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
T-Psy – “Transmition VIP” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, and others…

This is the first EP on T3K combining different approaches to technoid Drum N Bass, made in different parts of the world and with different conceptions and so bringing different people together on one EP. But all these tracks have something in common: they try to put reece based structures according to actual sound standard as one basic aspect. And you can be sure these guys do not fail this intention: “Rape” by Absurd (a crew of 3 producers, Googah, C7d01 and Pasha, from St Petersburg and Novosibirsk) kicks it with well done dynamic stab layers on top of edited reeces, “Bad Earth” by Bioforms aka Dephzac and Goro from Slovakia is a good combination of musical composition and dancefloor oriented rinse out, “Antimagnetic” by Exiva is a simple but effective weapon for a tight DJ set using circling loop based reeces and “The Dice” by Austrian Wunderkind Mefjus which is mainly based on neurofunk-groove and neurotech-oriented structure…

Absurd – “Rape” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Bioforms – “Bad Earth” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Exiva – “Antimagnetic” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Mefjus – “The Dice” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, ithinkmusic and others…

“The Grunt VIP” by Kaiza + Bassrk and “Relinquish” By Proton Kid + Kaiza has been released on the debut LP of Black Seeds Digital on October 28th:

A: Dephzac – “Neo Arch” –> 64 kbps clip
B: Dephzac – “Epidemic 2012″ –> 64 kbps clip
C: Mefjus + Bowser – “Pluto” –> 64 kbps clip
D: Kaiza + Bassrk – “The Grunt” –> 64 kbps clip
E: Giocator – “Five Grands” –> 64 kbps clip
F: Giocator – “Crime Scene” –> 64 kbps clip
G: Jin – “Clod” –> 64 kbps clip
H: Proton Kid + Kaiza – “Relinquish” –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Beatport, Juno and others….


Two remixes by Kaiza, Try and Error and T-Psy of tunes by Kaiza, Bassrk and Isotop have been released via Abducted (ABDIG024) on October 14th:

Isotop + Kaiza – “Tomb” (Try + Error Remix) –> 64 kbps clip
Kaiza + Bassrk – “The Grunt” (Kaiza + T-Psy Remix) –> 64 kbps clip

320 kbps mp3 available on Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown and others….