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This is the first part of a mix series by Kaiza on T3K Recordings
called “The T3K Chronicles”. Each part focuses on one specific
sound approach or artist (already released on T3K Recordings) and
demonstrates the particular context. This first issue is all about
Transylvanian Funk made by Kriotek (Proton Kid, Nufojah, Blastphemik).
Please show some respect for these Romanian Ambassadors of Techno-DNB…

-> 192 kbps mp3 (40 min, 55 MB)

It is time for the second part of the mix series by Kaiza on T3K Recordings
called “The T3K Chronicles”. Again, it is about one specific sound approach
or artist (already released on T3K Recordings): this issue is representing
a french mad man called Eiton! His stuff is an incredible fusion of Techno
and Drum & Bass and full of character, authenticity and ingenuity…

-> 192 kbps mp3 (67 min, 93 MB)

“The T3K Chronicles Vol 3″ is here! After introducing two heavy mixes representing
T3K Recordings and it`s main artists, another quality mix by Kaiza is being unleashed.
As the other parts showed, it focuses on one specific sound approach or artist (already
released on T3K Recordings): this edition is all about Triamer from Russia and his
reece-based rinse out which always destroys dancefloors.
Get it and destroy your living room as well!

-> 192 kbps mp3 (25 min, 34 MB)

“The T3K Chronicles Vol 4″ is now available! Another delightful mix by Kaiza
which is all about an artist signed on T3K Recordings. This time it is about
a man who really is of some account: Dereck and his tracks are rated above the
average. His releases on labels like PRSPCT, Temper D Productions, Culture
Assault and T3K Recordings are dancefloor missiles and it is obvious that a
lot of people are not quite happy about the fact that he did not release
that much. Anyway, Kaiza proudly presents a mix which is showing the talent
of this man and his skills. You won`t be disappointed by this fine selection
of stompers!

-> 192 kbps mp3 (22 min, 30 MB)

“The T3K Chronicles Vol 5″ is a bit different from the other mixes presented
in the last weeks. This time Kaiza is focusing on a specific sound approach again,
but not by one of the T3K artists but by some of them: some might call this style
Neurotech which is showing that this is about music in between Neuro- and Techno-
Drum & Bass. But let`s not talk too much about it here and so download the mix and
get a picture of “The T3K Chronicles Vol 5″ by yourself!

-> 192 kbps mp3 (37 min, 51 MB)

“The T3K Chronicles Vol 6″ is another quality mix presented by Kaiza which
focuses on a specific sound approach by one of the T3K artists. This edition
is showcasing a producer called T-Psy who is hailing from Brussels (Belgium)
and it can be described best as “mashing it up” because of two facts: it
contains a lot of mash ups and it will mash up your head real hard!
Download this mix and enjoy the flow!

-> 192 kbps mp3 (35 min, 49 MB)

Krot is a newcomer from St. Petersburg in Russia. In the past year he had several digital and free releases on the well respected russian label TAM; also on Naturality Sound System, Mindtech and on the German netlabel Anxiety Disorder; with more tunes signed to the Italian label Modulate. Now he makes his guest appearance on T-FREE with this techy robotfunk tune that creeps up your ear just like an animal coming out of the shadow…

–> 320 kbps mp3


Germany’s Tilt Recordings has spent the last 5 years finding the cream of the up-and-coming crop, bringing you glimpses of artists who’ve ended up making names for themselves, including Dissident and Spinor. Their latest push is also their first longplayer, from Ukranian producer Redco, who has been active within the scene since 2003, and has had tracks signed to labels like DSCI4, Contaminated, Reapa and Trust In Music. With Soulfunk, Redco straddles the dancefloor-smashin’ neuro sound, playing up the older influences while still keeping things fresh and current.

Redco: Soulfunk [T-FILE-LP001]

“Backworld” VIP
“Generic Host”
“Blessing The Funk”
“False” VIP
“Naspar” VIP
“Black Creator”

We know what you’re saying, though – what do these tracks sound like? Well, Tilt and Redco have brought forth a Promo Mix, featuring a host of the Soulfunk tracks alongside some dubplates and fresh releases from like-minded producers!

Redco Promotional Mix: August 2009

01 Nphonix & Logical – Antigravity (Subtitles)
02 Receptor – Rhyno (Breed12Inches)
03 Redco – Naspar VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
04 Cinkoz – New Element (Urban Bass Recs Dub)
05 Maztek – Funk Me Hard (Subculture Dub)
06 Redco – Data (TiM Dub)
07 Two Fingers Feat Sway – That Girl (Spor Remix) (Big Dada)
08 Hightech & Nickbee – Crush (Dub)
09 Redco – False VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
10 BTK – Ectoplasma (Dub)
11 Muffler – Dirrrty (SighCo)
12 Phace and Misanthrop – Fortune (Subtitles)
13 Redco – Subsense (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
14 Spor – Some Other Funk (Lifted)
15 Aeph – Crucifix Lane (Flight)
16 Silent Extent – Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Close2Death Dub)
17 Redco – Shield (Dub)
18 Muffler – Melodrama (Dub)


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The third Tilt-Recordings Mix-Podcast comes from Try and Error, two promising newcomers from a small town near Frankfurt in Germany. After their debut together with Kaiza on T-Files in April 2009, three tunes following on T-FREE and two on Mind Outside, they have more forthcoming material signed on T-Files, Human Soul, Mindtech and other labels…
With this balance after just half a year of presence, it is time for them to do a promotional mix and showcase their works.

–> 192 kbps mp3 (35 min, 70 MB)

Podcast feed:

01… Cyclone – “Acetylene” (Kaiza RMX) [Anxiety Disorder ADRALB001]
02… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Safari” [Unreleased]
**…. Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Zafary” [T-FREE060]
04… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Assat” VIP (Batuh) [Unreleased]
05… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Fluid” [T-FILE016]
**…. Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Hybrid” [Anxiety Disorder ADRALB001]
06… Forbidden Society – “Manic Circle” / “Soul Annihilation” (Kaiza Duo RMX) [Unreleased]
07… Try and Error – “Speaker Blow” [Unreleased]
08… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Fuck The Speakers” [Unreleased]
09… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Use The Machine” VIP [Unreleased]
10… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Device [Unreleased]
11… Kaiza + Shots – “Purple View” [T-FILE020]

…Tilt-Recordings Mix-Podcast Vol. 1 (The Phalanx) and Vol.2 (Isotop + Kaiza) can be found here: