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All tunes formerly released commercially on Tilt-Recordings & T-Files have been available as free downloads for years along with the original netlabel releases on T-FREE; now they have all been uploaded on for posterity.


Final statement:

Some might have noticed that Tilt-Recordings has discontinued its operations… Although originally intended otherwise (cf TILT010 promotext) there will be no further vinyl releases on Tilt-Recordings because of the well known structural problems of the music industry in the contemporary digital media environment, effectively low vinyl sales and lack of funds. And since Tilt-Recordings started out as a vinyl label, it would be missing something essential if being continued 100% digitally. So the label was closed altogether.

Its last vinyl release has been TILT010 by Isotop/Kaiza/Shots/Budoka in early 2009, and the last digital release (T-FILE-EP015) came from Mefjus in November 2010.

The vinyl backstock was given out for free in spring 2011, all tunes were pulled from the digital shops soon after and were eventually made available as free 320 kbps mp3 downloads on the label homepage:

Bulk download links for all tunes officially released on Tilt-Recordings (zip files & podcast feeds):

No releases whatsoever will follow after, no label comeback or re-opening of Tilt-Recordings will happen. This shutdown is final. The associated Soundcloud profile and Facebook page/group will be terminated in July.

The sister netlabel T-FREE was also closed parallely in 2011, with a massive final celebration release – an LP (“tl;dr Happy End”) with 35 tracks from Budoka, Kaiza, Mefjus, Pyro, kr4y, SKC, Mav, Paperclip, Engage, Polarity, Proktah, Phony, Bowsar and many others:

Bulk download links for all tunes ever released on T-FREE (zip file & podcast feed):

We the people behind Tilt-Recordings (Budoka, DJ Malice, Kaiza and DJ Hektik) are still around and can be contacted & booked through the label homepage and our social network profiles (Soundcloud, Facecock etc).

Kaiza’s own label T3K Recordings (started in February 2009 as a semi-sublabel and detached from Tilt-Recordings in 2010) is still very much active:

Running Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and T-FREE was a significant part of my life for the past decade. I came to meet a lot of interesting people, had many valuable experiences and tons of fun, and I believe I also have learned some facts. My thanks go to all involved artists for their musical contribution and especially for allowing me to put the tunes online as free downloads after ending the money business, Phono (without his input the Tilt vinyl series since 2006 could not possibly have been the same; R.I.P. Leet & Intersection!), Jens Zimmermann aka Tyrell, Pyro, Polarity, Dimo, xplizit, Massl, David Badger and all others who contributed resources and information at various stages, most of all to the original founders and label mates Kaiza and Budoka.

Now for some final words by these other two label owners of Tilt-Recordings who have remained silent in most of the former label statements.

“Tilt-Recordings was the start of something for me. It was way more than just a label to release music i made or i liked. For me, it began to happen at the right time and the right place. And it was the melting pot of beliefs, ideals and expectations and also the first place of examination, observation, reflection and of course action. It was the roof over my head when “bad weather” was working against me and the “ground” beneath my feet on which i could walk whenever i wanted to. For me, the label was an absolute term for quite a long time. It was the main medium to make contacts, see the world and find a position in the dnb (lol)-circus. Although the idea (and so the label itself) was totally different in the beginning from what it became later on, Tilt-Recordings and all the people and things around it were basic groundworks for my musical development and also for my personal formation.
Now, some years later (and after countless experiences which can not be named here) and of course after a lot of change, i can say that i learned and gained so much from this project. For sure, these experiences are something that i dont want to miss… ”

“Looking back on the past almost ten years with ten vinyl-releases, a couple of mp3s and a heavy load of free tunes, Tilt-Recordings was not only a label to me but so much more. It was my homebase and it has given me the possibility to share my music to people all over the world. In all these years I gained a lot of experience and found many new friends. The label also pushed my development in producing and the evolving of my own sound.
So I have to thank my label-m8s for their hard work and for the many discussions we had. Sometimes they weren’t easy, but in the end we still made it and I’m proud that I’ve been a part of it.”

Teh links: (soon offline) (soon offline)

Following the free vinyl giveaway and the vinyl tunes downloads, here is the rest of the tunes released commercially via Tilt-Recordings – all the T-Files releases are now online as free 320′mp3:


Use these podcast RSS feeds to bulk-download all the tunes released via Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and T-FREE:

Here is a zip file (3 gigabytes) complete with all tunes released on T-FREE, the (offline-)homepage and some legendary interviews & articles:


There was a problem (zip file worked just fine before the upload but seemed corrupt (read: unpacking impossible) after the up- & download), but the link above is fixed now.

This LP concludes 6 years of T-FREE history and marks the end of all the label’s activities, parallel to the final shutdown of Tilt-Recordings.

Mad props to all artists involved on both labels!

Few more things are left to be adressed on this final occasion.

Over time, T-FREE has frequently been subject to discussions, provoking disagreement on all aspects: its musical orientation and range of varying sound quality from release to release, the public opinions and Internet behaviour of the labelmaker, the absence of artwork, the used form of presentation and the ideological fact of T-FREE being an anti-commercial netlabel. Two opposing opinions usually dominate these debates:

“puts some more established labels to shame”
(crystl_lake @ 2008-06)

“96% of the shit you put out is garbage”
(djc @ 2008-06)

Regardless of reactions, T-FREE has always followed a certain sound/style (with few exceptions), aiming at DJs, not critics. This final release continues that label policy to the end. Some of the tunes are old, some brandnew, some re-released. As usually, they came directly from the producers’ computers without any additional mastering done on them. So they all have different mixdowns, loudness levels and sound characters.

Thus probably everybody will hate some tunes on this LP, but perhaps also everybody will like some tunes on it.

And hopefully this LP will stand worthy as a final release, after 184 tunes on 118 releases (plus these) in 6 years. The traffic statistics show that literally tens of thousands of people have downloded the releases (average circa 45,000). Some of the tunes have even cracked the 100,000 mark. T-FREE had a good run, brought a lot of music to many people and maybe even contributed to some Drum & Bass artist careers.

It was fun, inspiring and politically the right thing to do (from all three perspectives: before, during and after).

“Goodbye everybody!”

PS: A note for the haters. When your favourite bigname DJs play “dubplates” in their mixes, those also are unmastered tunes (from different artists) and they all sound differently.

PPS: Some quoteworthy thoughts about releasing older tunes and the general question of wether artists or audiences own works of art:

With all due respect to the artist(s), it’s kind of idiotic and egoic to not give people what they want, when no almost no effort is involved in distributing a track these days.. When you have fans who fucking dearly want something you made, there are only a few reasons why artists tend not to give them out, and only 2 of those legit.

1) Lost the file (mp3 or sequencer file, DAT tape (LOL) whatever) < -- legit

2) Doesn't want it to be released because they either hate it or thing it's 'beneath' them because their production value has improved over time. Somewhat understandable but ultimately unjustified and pretentious. Ego-based and too concerned about 'image'.

3) Some kind of record label stipulation or legal mangling <-- legit, not understandable, but legit

4) You get off on the fact that people who want something you created will never get it - then you're just a dick. Ultimate in pretension.


the rest of this and other “save the planet, kill yourself” issues can be found elswhere; don’t believe the hype!
And now for the music.


info text file:
–> T-FREE-LP002.txt

playlist file for streaming in media players:
–> T-FREE-LP002_playlist.m3u

all-in-one .zip archive download:

overall T-FREE releases mp3 podcast (rss feed):

Mav feat. Tyrah Morena – “Special Forces”
8:52 min mp3 (320 kbps, 20.3 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_01__Mav_feat_Tyrah_Morena_-Special_Forces.mp3
Mav is a 20 degree black belt master of techy Athmospheric Drum & Bass. He was exposed to the broader Drum & Bass scene for the first time pretty much through the Armada Recordings launch incident in 2005. That label, planned and publically announced for well over 2 years, had advertised their first release as a 4×12″ LP including Mav’s “Ocean Phantom” among Noisia’s “Desolation” plus Teebee remix and tunes by Corrupt Souls, Desimal and Brain. The scene waited a long time for it with great anticipation and indeed “unprecedented hype.” The delay had already become a running gag when the LP was finally made available; exclusively through the Armada online shop and as a subscription series model. The label wanted to have people pay for the release, use this money to press the vinyl and then send it to the people who paid in first place. The shop script gave customers a timeframe of 6-8 weeks until delivery. 7 days after the shop opened, Teebee, a man always good for some action, made a public announcement about pulling back his remix from Armada for having not been paid until the deadline (and released it shortly after on Renegade Hardware with some different samples and entitled “The Force”). Customers were asking the label many questions and got few satisfactory answers back. Two months later the people who had bought into the subscription were given mp3s of the LP tunes (minus the Teebee remix) and offered refunds. Many of the customers downloaded the tunes instantly, many also chose to ask for the refund and some of them never got their money back. The label crew fell apart and the entire Armada bubble slowly collapsed, leaving behind one of the greatest dramas in Drum & Bass Internet History. Some excellent DOA threads can still be easily found with a search for the word “armada”. And some of the tunes (including Noisia’s otherwise unreleased techmospheric masterpiece “Desolation”) can still be downloaded here.
One of the great things about this label was the indirect promotion effect for involved artists, including Mav. “Ocean Phantom” ended up as his third tune on Fokuz Limited and he also left his mark on other labels, most notably ASC’s Covert Operations (incidentally a label that used a subscription model successfully). Mav’s tunes are a lasting influence, musically untouchable and as epic as the Armada fail was.
“Special Forces” was until now only on a mix-CD in a 2xCD joint album on Covert Operations and Warm Communications [COVWC-CD001] in 2003 and digitally available through Covert Operations, offline since 2009. Watch out for the reworked 2011 version on Mav’s forthcoming LP (!)
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SKC – “Harbinger”
6:42 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.4 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_02__SKC_-Harbinger.mp3
This beautiful tune from SKC’ techy era had originally been planned for a release on DSCI4 [DSCI4007P] in 2003. But for unknown reasons it did not really make it to vinyl aside from some testpresses and was never released until now.
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Materia – “Collision Domain”
7:20 min mp3 (320 kbps, 16.8 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_03__Materia_-Collision_Domain.mp3
Materia kind of moved on to House and Techno over the past years but is continuingly putting out tunes, only in a different area. “Collision Domain” is one of his most beautiful older Drum & Bass tunes, originally released on Kinematic 320 [KIN320-017] in 2006.
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Acid_Lab – “Photons”
5:18 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.1 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_04__Acid_Lab_-Photons.mp3
Since T-FREE-3EP026, Acid_Lab aka Kodama aka Parametric aka Chefrocker of the neo-oldschool Techstep (TM) movement has been heard on Cause 4 Concern, Basswerk, Variant Audio, Break-Fast Audio, Black Hoe, Golden Age, Fish, Internet, digitalGEWITTER, Urban Poetry and sYncoPathic.Recordings, plus he has made his vinyl debut on Alphacut [ACR 018]. He says goodbye to T-FREE with this laid back groove in classic tech fashion with a touch of modern Gridlok funk.
all artist links

Massl – “Noizu”
5:53 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.5 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_05__Massl_-Noizu.mp3
Massl is a local DJ from Karlsruhe, Germany. For some years he and Rizla have tried to build up and support a healthy technoid Drum & Bass scene with enough room for subtleties. Now they have taken up producing, with first results.
all artist links

Sniper – “Steamball”
6:43 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.4 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_06__Sniper_-Steamball.mp3
Beautiful and spacy 3rd generation Neurofunk, originally released on Kinematic 320 [KIN320-015] (one of the first digital Drum & Bass labels) in 2005.
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Drillcut – “Heaven’s Gate”
5:15 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.0 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_07__Drillcut_Heavens_Gate.mp3
Drillcut from Russia has released 5 very different tunes in 2010, 4 on SiDC Music and 1 on T-FREE. He also released 3 more tunes as C13360 in 2008.
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Effect – “The Tempest”
6:49 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.6 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_08__Effect_-The_Tempest.mp3
In 2009, Effect appeared out of nowhere with T-FREE067. Two years later he has covered 6 more netlabels (Black Hoe, Beat Addiction, Sick_Brain, Nocid Business, Brutal Attack, Fish) and at least 6 digital labels (SCPTX, Suspect Device, Close 2 Death, Darkbox, Abducted and Blackhoe Alimony). Check out his recent promo mix with forthcoming material.
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Effect – “The Tempest” VIP
6:49 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.6 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_09__Effect_-The_Tempest__VIP.mp3
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Graffo + Dirty Boy – “Propeller”
6:03 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.9 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_10__Graffo_+_Dirty_Boy_-Propeller.mp3
Graffo has been a DJ for many years and started making beats not so long ago. This is his second officially released tune after his feature on the “YoungBlood 2010″ compilation. Dirty Boy, also from the Czech Republic, is a complete mystery.
all artist links

Phony – “Tunnel Of Light”
5:18 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.1 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_11__Phony_-Tunnel_Of_Light.mp3
After a PC crash and data loss, Phony was virtually gone for quite some time. Now with this freshly finished tune he demonstrates having no intention to stay away anymore.
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Mefjus + Bowsar – “Human Error” (pre2 (DJ Hektik Edit (Engage Edit)))
4:28 min mp3 (320 kbps, 10.2 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_12__Mefjus_+_Bowsar_-Human_Error__[...]_Edit.mp3
The unfinished trunk of a tune by Mefjus + Bowsar (1:53) was edited by DJ Hektik so that he could mix it (2:58). Then this edit was further edited by Engage (4:28) to allow for more comfortable and less hectic mixing. The original tune is still unfinished… But for how long?
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Matt Domino – “Ancestors”
7:01 min mp3 (320 kbps, 16.1 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_13__Matt_Domino_-Ancestors.mp3
This roller is Matt Domino’s third contribution to T-FREE. He also recently started his own label, Absolute Music. Check out the first vinyl single [TOTAL001] and the first digital offshoot release with the superb “Discipline” on it!
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Tenebra – “Work”
6:05 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.9 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_14__Tenebra_-Work.mp3
Flame has moved on from Neurofunk to other facets of Drum & Bass, but for this LP he unlocked this unreleased piece from his Tenebra era.
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Proktah – “Save A Penny For The Boatsman”
5:10 min mp3 (320 kbps, 11.9 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_15__Proktah_-Save_A_Penny_For_The_Boatsman.mp3
Proktah belongs among the big names of German Neurofunk. He has had a quite solid output for some years now (Flight, Trust In Music, Cyanide, Focuz, Disturbed, Melting Pot…) including the original of “Labyrinth” on T-FREE in 2009.
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Polarity – “Beep”
6:46 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.5 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_16__Polarity_-Beep.mp3
Polarity is the man in the background of the online community Producer Network and the digital label of the same name. He also was behind Austria’s first lady od Drum & Bass once. Since his “Syntax” LP on Producer Network in 2008 he has been doing what said LP’s artwork depicts: making beats underground. In 2010 he reappeared on the Future Forum Sampler 2010 (a free download compilation LP realized on the german DOA equivalent) and proceeded to Trust In Music, Mindtech and .shadybrain; now he makes his appearance on T-FREE, presenting the label with this deep, roomy reece midrange monster tune entitled “Beep”.
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Budoka – “Mr Bubbles”
6:53 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.8 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_17__Budoka_-Mister_Bubbles.mp3
Budoka, undeservingly unknown German producer, DJ and co-founder of Tilt-Recordings, recently overhauled this unreleased tune from 2006 and brought it up to his new sound standards of 2011. Perhaps more of his tunes will appear on other labels soon.
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Paperclip + Engage – “Molecula”
5:16 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.1 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_18__Paperclip_+_Engage_-Molecula.mp3
Originally a Paperclip solo tune, changed and finished by Engage. Both artist are popular acts in the Russian Drum & Bass scene; Engage is getting more attention since his tune “Above The Clouds” on the first release of Noisia’s newest label Invisible in 2010 and Paperclip recently launched his own label Paperfunk Recordings.
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M-Force – “Losing Grip”
4:56 min mp3 (320 kbps, 11.3 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_19__M-Force_-Losing_Grip.mp3
M-Force had their first release last year with “Wholetrain”, a collabo tune with Mefjus on Tilt-Recordings [T-FILE022]. Since then they have been shifting more towards Dubstep (releases on No Bass No Fun Records, more forthcoming). “Losing Grip” is one of their few Drum & Bass solo tunes.
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AiB – “Хуй”
5:52 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.4 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_20__AiB_-Хуй.mp3
AiB is another newcomer from Russia with creative ideas who debuted last year with Dreyman on Fish Recordings [FISH043">.
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Desecration - "Morbid Angel"
6:58 min mp3 (320 kbps, 16.0 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_21__Desecration_-Morbid_Angel.mp3
Desecration's name never really got around much in the scene although he made a bunch of pretty cool tunes, like this one.
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Isotop + Kaiza + Mefjus - "Radiator"
5:29 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.6 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_22__Isotop_+_Kaiza_+_Mefjus_-Radiator.mp3
This is the first collabo tune from these three artists. The second collabo is signed to Optiv's imprint Red Light.
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AirJ + T-Psy - "Heavier"
6:15 min mp3 (320 kbps, 14.3 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_23__AirJ_+_T-Psy_-Heavier.mp3
Air J and T-Psy, along with Sinecore and Peter Kurten, form the core of Belgian hard technoid Drum & Bass. A lot of crazy music from them is out there to be checked out.
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Bowsar (the artist formerly known as Bowser) - "Pulsar"
4:38 min mp3 (320 kbps, 10.6 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_24__Bowsar_-Pulsar.mp3
Sidechained sawtooth stomp = all you need to know. Bowsar debuted on T-FREE in 2007 and has never stopped.
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Isotop + Shots feat. Kaiza - "Mothership"
5:47 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.3 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_25__Isotop_+_Shots_feat_Kaiza_-Mothership.mp3
This is a tune that was never released because the project was unretrievably lost and the only file left is this mp3 with a complimentary audio error in the last 30 seconds.
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Revolt - "Magnetism"
5:58 min mp3 (320 kbps, 16.0 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_26__Revolt_-Magnetism.mp3
Revolt is a newcomer from the Ukraine who first appeared on an EP on the netlabel Brutal Attack Recordings in 2010. He has further tunes signed to Insekto, Tinnitus, Infectech, Sick_Brain, Nocid Business and other labels.
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Broozy + Kigami - "Olympus"
6:06 min mp3 (320 kbps, 14.0 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_27__Broozy_+_Kigami_-Olympus.mp3
Kigami has been around for a while and released some tunes on Metafiziq, T3K, the HMSU netlabel and Tinnitus Recordings. Broozy is a Bulgarian DJ who never released a tune before. His sad, sad tale must not be told but quoted directly: "Born in the harsh mountains of Bulgaria to a family of coal miners, he had really tough childhood. One of his favorite things at this time was listening to stories about unicorns and fairies, sitting around the fire in the company of turkish truck drivers and gipsy prostitutes. After being beaten nearly to death by his father, the young soon-to-be musician decided to escape the mines and to went to the big city to become a glue inhaler or more commonly known as 'lepilar'. Once after being unable to find enough money to buy his favorite 'Kale', our young hero decided to steal an mp3 player from a car that was parked nearby. As soon as he broke the side window open, the alarm of the car turned on. Then something strange happened - he was fascinated by the magical sounds, and decided this was his destiny. And thus was born Broozy - The Defender of Car Alarm Music."
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Nagato + Circular Discharge - "Even Wars"
6:25 min mp3 (320 kbps, 14.7 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_28__Nagato_+_Circular_Discharge_-Even_Wars.mp3
Nagato and Circular Discharge both come from Russia and have put out some tunes on the Russian netlabel Deathsoundbat. Circular Discharge aka Meat Project have also been featured on the "Darkness Revealed" compilation on Ex Machina in 2010. More tunes are signed to Infectech, Section 8, Back 2 Back, Razor Recordings and also to DeathSoundBat and Ex Machina. Check their soundcloud profiles for more downloads!
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Skelic - "Hawkseye Point"
7:03 min mp3 (320 kbps, 16.1 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_29__Skelic_-Hawkseye_Point.mp3
Skelic recently appeared on Black Hoe [BH074EP">, but otherwise he is a new name to Drum & Bass. He has a very experimental approach to music and styles and his tunes show a very own, spacy sound. This is what he himself says: "Dark electronic styles from Finland. I don't confine myself to any specific genres. Any specific genres confine Skelic to them."
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AiB - "Пизда"
6:07 min mp3 (320 kbps, 14.0 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_30__AiB_-Пизда.mp3
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Arje - "Reconstruction" V1
5:57 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.6 mb) --> T-FREE-LP002_31__Arje_-Reconstruction_V1.mp3
The final of "Reconstruction", released on kr4y and Arje's netlabel Beataddiction [BTAN006] in 2009, is a deep, musical and relaxed Athmospheric / Intelligent Drum & Bass song. However, in its first original version, the tune started out as raw and pure Techno-DNB before it evolved into the melodic, and this first version is now finally officially available.
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kr4y – “Sourcream RMX”
6:32 min mp3 (320 kbps, 15.0 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_32__kr4y_-Sourcream_RMX.mp3
T-FREE-3EP030 by kr4y was the last T-FREE-3EP (also the last release on T-FREE until this LP brought itself into existence), and his Sourcream Remix is the last one to be ever released on T-FREE, Tilt-Recordings and any other labels… Or is it?
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Pyro – “One Time”
6:37 min mp3 (320 kbps, 12.1 mb) –>
This is a lost old unreleased tune by Grandmaster Pyro, most likely from the period shortly after the Millenium.
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Mephisto – “Multiplex”
6:01 min mp3 (320 kbps, 13.8 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_34__Mephisto_-Multiplex.mp3
Mephisto is Mefjus, a talented Drum & Bass producer/DJ from Austria who should be well known to followers of Tilt-Recordings and T-FREE from his previous releases, let alone those on labels like Citrus and Bad Taste… He also makes some nice Nu Skool Breaks under this name.
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Mephisto – “Emotions”
4:33 min mp3 (320 kbps, 14.0 mb) –> T-FREE-LP002_35__Mephisto_-Emotions.mp3
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After analogue comes digital; after our vinyl backstock was given away for free, all 20 tunes released on vinyl by Tilt-Recordings are now available as free mp3 downloads:


Of course you can also still BUY the mp3s, lol.

T3K gives out this tune by T-Psy for free! It is a nice technoid rollout and if you like it look out for more T-Psy tracks coming on T3K Recordings (see T3K024 and T3K-EXT009).

T-Psy – “Transmition” -> 320 kbps mp3

“1893 (Panic)” by Kaiza feat. Try and Error and “Intense” by Kaiza feat. Shots have been released on a spanish netlabel called Sick Brain Recordings:

Kaiza feat.Try and Error – “1893 (Panic)” -> 320 kbps mp3
Kaiza feat. Shots – “Intense” -> 320 kbps mp3


kr4y does not need an introduction anymore. He should be be well known among the people who do like deep, graceful technoid Drum & Bass built with intelligent loops and modulations. His releases on his (and Arje’s) own netlabel Beat Addiction, Tilt-Recordings, Insekto, T3K, Section 8, Temper D Productions, T-FREE, HMSU, Qu Beats and Internet speak for themselves. So, without further ado, here are three more of his tunes, dating from 2008, 2009 and 2010.

kr4y – “Cortex” –> 320 kbps mp3
kr4y – “Cerebrum” –> 320 kbps mp3
kr4y – “Cyton” –> 320 kbps mp3

“Syph” by Try and Error feat. Kaiza has been released on a free download EP of a russian netlabel called Dead Cat Recordings:

A.Dextems – “Sadness”
B.Dextems – “High Carbonated”
C.Try and Error – “Lux”
D.Try and Error feat. Kaiza – “Syph”



T3K gives out this tune by Triamer for free! It is pure Triamer Stomp and if you like it look out for more Triamer tracks released on T3K Recordings (see T3K-EXT007, T3K022 and T3K-EXT007). Dont miss these!

Triamer – “Psyho Clown” -> 320 kbps mp3

One of the few known solo tunes by Try and Error has recently
been released via Tilt-Recordings (specifically: T-Files)
together with a VIP version from the hands of Kaiza
Now comes a joint remix by Kaiza and Tripstick.
These two artists prove that less is more:
bassdrums, bassline and percussions –
nothing else is needed, really,
to make a bouncing groove.
Hear it for yourself:
reduction rules.

–> 320 kbps mp3

Nu:Gen, T-FREE and T3K Recordings join forces to present three tracks for free which results in the “We Are Set EP”. Each label presents a tune from one of their artists: Valevo and Duzer represent the Nu:Gen sound with “Tetris”, T-FREE brings Bowser‘s remix of the legendary “Sourcream” and T3K Recordings contributes the 2010 Kaiza Remake of Kaiza & Shots‘ “Purple View” (original on T-FILE020).

Duzer + Valevo – “Tetris” –> 320 kbps mp3
Bowser – “Sourcream RMX” –> 320 kbps mp3
Kaiza & Shots’ “Purple View” (Kaiza 2010 VIP) –> 320 kbps mp3

All-in-one: .rar achrive (including artwork)

“Qntinuom” by Kaiza + Shots has been released on the free download debut LP of the newly started label Infectech Recordings, located in Santiago in Chile:

A – Malicious – Phalanx
B – Antichristus – Perverse Suffering
C – AirJ – Born From Hell
D – Kaiza & Shots – Qntinuom
E – Braincrack – Machine Mind
F – Greyone – Prosepaetsya
G – Killswitch – Dancefloor Slaughter
H – Peter Kurten – Diaposal of the body
I – Valvegod – Infect3d
J – Weirdo – I or Them

Free download:
–> .rar archive

INTECHLP001 APOCALYPTICISM : Born From Hell Volume 1
The first realesed will be a virtual LP,
loaded with different drum & bass subgenres such as Neurofonk,
some Techstep, technoid and even the darkest Darkstep.
In this launching you will find songs from important worldwide
producers who will welcome the first chilean dark drum and bass label.
WARNING, the massive infection now begin!

i love this tune! 100% standard structure, BUT the core loop is exactly what my ears and heart want.
the first time i listened to it, i thought: standard, standard, very annoying synth. but i did not stop, i continued listening. even the repeated drumroll sweep sound at the end of every breakdown and outro did not make me stop listening, i only laughed. when the tune was at the end, i started it again. and when it was at the end again, i started it a third time. and then a forth time. (4 rewinds on first play!) then i checked it against some other tunes, and decided that i want to release it :)

Effect‘s debut tune “Fragmentation” came out
as T-FREE067 in 2009. After that, he released
five tunes on two other labels, Sick Brain
and Fish Recordings. With “Logic” he returns
to T-FREE and demonstrates his accomplishments.

–> 320 kbps mp3