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Telemetrik & Corrupt Souls Set mixed by DJ Hektik live in his last DMF radio show 2011-07-24.

–> 60 min mp3 (192 kbps)

intro.. Torture feat. DJ Hektik – “Hartnillebatz” [free download CDR]
*……. Chantay Savage – “I Will Survive” (Accapella) [HM756]
*……. Dream Team – “Clear My Throat” [JOKER26]
*……. Forbidden Society + Counterstrike – “Extreme” (Current Value RMX) [FSRECS002]
*……. Heiter Bis Wolkig – untitled bonus joke [Weser Label 2469-7]
*……. Schlappewirt – “Ein Küsschen Nach Links” [PR 471]
*……. Ernst Neger – “Trink e Fläschche Woi” [Ariola C 12504]
*……. Schlappewirt – “Dreimol Täglich Äppelwoi” [PR 471]
*……. Ernst Neger – “Rucki Zucki” [Ariola C 12504]
*……. Brainticket – “Brainticket” [Bellaphon 320-07-003]
*……. Dollis Hill – “Desist Da Black (Reprise)” [Metalheadz METBOX001]
02….. Telemetrik – “Nova” [Telemetrik TEL001]
03….. Telemetrik – “Space Coke” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP1]
04….. Corrupt Souls – “Machines” [CIRCLE002]
05….. Corrupt Souls – “Broadcast” [Moving Shadow MSXEP035]
06….. Corrupt Souls & Hyx – “Brood X” [Obsession OBSE005]
07….. Corrupt Souls – “Wicked Life” [Moving Shadow MSXEP029]
08….. Corrupt Souls feat. Hyx – “1138″ [Black Sun Empire BSE007]
break. Dogs on Crack vs Katz on K – “Castration” [Subviolenz SUBVIO002]
*……. Mixmaster Mike – “Solar Panel (Gravity)” [Asphodel ASP-2008]
*……. Alien Factory – “This Is Not A Daydream” [Generator GEN 9130-12]
10….. Telemetrik – “Cosmos” [Black Sun Empire BSELP004SAM]
11….. Telemetrik feat. Hyx – “The Bane” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP1]
12….. Telemetrik – “My Lightyear” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP2]
13….. Telemetrik – “My Lightyear” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP2]
14….. Telemetrik feat. Black Sun Empire – “Magnet” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP2]
15….. Telemetrik – “Station Seven” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP2]
16….. Telemetrik – “Exit Civilization” [Black Sun Empire BSELP4EP1]
outro. DJ Stretch – “Hungry Tiger” [A-Ko AKOR003]
*……. ADAM Power – “Isolation” [T-FREE051 CDR]

After 9 months of quasi-absence, DJ Hektik is back to DMF – and will be doing the “late night” slot regularly at midnight on the end of the 4th Sunday of every month from now on (this new regularity, among some other changes in the show, comes due to the long-planned DMF relaunch earlier this month). Most of these shows-in-the-show will, in the best DMF Specials tradition, focus on one artist or facet of Drum & Bass (exceptions granted).

Now, on the first of his new series of monthly DMF late night sessions, DJ Hektik will serve a carefully built up mix of some of the finest tunes by the dutch producer Mav: expect some very deep and musical, yet dancefloor compatible stuff with classical techy influences!

Tune in at 12 pm! (Berlin Time)

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Terrestrial frequencies:
Heidelberg UKW 105.4 MHz
Mannheim UKW 89.6 MHz

Cable frequency:
Baden-Wuerttemberg 107.45 MHz

Info website & Facebook fanpage:

“DMF” is the weekly Drum & Bass radio show of Kaiza, P3t3r Bark3r and DJ Hektik.
It was founded 2001 by Kaiza and is streamed worldwide on the net and broadcasted
terrestrial in the Mannheim/Heidelberg-area . The show is about all aspects of
Drum & Bass with reviewing unreleased stuff, latest releases and classic material
and presenting guest DJs (“DMF” was graced with the presence of numerous artists
in the last 9 years: Phace, Gridlok, Black Sun Empire, High Contrast, Rascal & Klone,
Task Horizon, Chook and Bassface Sascha, just to name a few…)

After 9 years of experience, the show will be relaunched in October 2010 with new and
improved structure, more guests and presented crazily by your host Kaiza. One show per
month will be feature the talents of DJ Hektik (4th sunday).

DMF is broadcasted via livestream on and, and via
conventional aerial and cable frequencies (see below) every sunday evening at
22.00 h (Berlin Time/Central European Time), on the 4th sunday of the month at
24.00 h (Berlin Time/Central European Time). You can join the chatroom while
the show is being broadcasted…

DMF Facebook Page

Bermudafunk Stream
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“Basskantine” (formerly “Ninos Del Sol”) is a reborn weekly Drum & Bass event in Mannheim, Germany, taking place every Thursday night in the Soho club. It was started by DJ Fileas a couple of years ago as a sequel to the weekly event series “Network” (held in ancient post-Millenium times on Saturdays by Tobi & Jonathan, back then well-known in the local scene) and is continued today by the crew (who have consistently been pushing the intelligent and liquid sides of Drum & Bass with remarkable effort for many years).

As a matter of fact, the weekly evening in the Soho club is one of the few valuable constants the local Drum & Bass scene in Mannheim has been lucky to have in the past decade. It was one of the (maybe even THE) first serious attempts to counter the scene-dominating commercial low-quality UK-Jungle-Raves around the millenium.
Check the documentary “Jungle68” (and the inofficial sequel) for more information…

Now on the 15th of July 2010, world famous DJ Hektik makes his drölfth appearence in this well respected institution, ready for a proper shakedown together with his 500 3 loyal fans.

And a very special guest has announced that he will also appear behind the decks this evening, to play a very special Nu Skool set: DJ Mindforce from the legendary Metaflex crew.

Without any doubt, this musical event will be more important to the history of mankind than anything before or after (including the global “financial crisis” of 2011, the following years of mass starvation, the official takeover of world wide neofeudalism in 2017 and Georg Schramm’s pre-emptive resignation from coporate television in June 2010).

As always in history, quality is best witnessed live – rather than reported & missed. So be there or [insert any pun].

15.07.2010 @ Soho, Mannheim (–> Goggle Maps)

René (
DJ Hektik (Tilt-Recordings, MA)
DJ Mindforce (Metaflex) – Noisia/Spor Nu Skool Special Set

Beginn: 22:00 Uhr
Eintritt frei

update: 15th, not 22nd!
update II: special guest DJ Mindforce

The last Saturday of August 2009 saw the second Special Edition of DMF this year, specially for Mr Bang-E aka Tony Neurofunktion. This man resides in the Midlands (UK) where he co-promotes the two event series “Neurofunktion” and “Subliminal”. He has a busy schedule playing on events around Europe, and he made the journey to Mannheim (Germany) extra to complete a live appearence in our studio. And it was quite a remarkable show… Not only is Tony a nice bloke dedicated to Jungle Drum & Bass with his heart since day one, he also exceeded all expectations we could possibly have for a guest DJ.

After Kaiza’s intro moderation, Tony started by saying a few words in German and played a minimix review of three of his favourite tunes for 2009. Then he broke the “highest percentage of dubplates played in a set @ DMF” record (formerly held by Bassface Sascha since 2004) by playing a set of 100% vinyl dubplates (he even has the tunes professionally mastered by Dubstudio in Bristol UK before being cut). In addition to this already astounding quality benchmark, he can really mix! What’s more, he had a red string in his set which is not a common feature amongst Drum & Bass DJs either. Plus he played tunes we like. Even the sound problems could not stop him… During his set, we had to change one of the monitors twice and fiddle about with the amplifier (which, of all things, has a defective contact at the volume knob and troubled us again that day). But he just kept selecting and mixing on the same quality level.
In short: Mr Bang-E was definitely the best guest DJ we ever had in the show since its start in 2001. No disrespect to all other guests, but – as the German saying goes: “Ehre wem Ehre gebührt.”

Later in the show, Kaiza did a short interview with Tony which we have put directly after his set in this download (because we didn’t want to put the rest of the show online… check the full playlist to see why).

And now, after this unusually high ammount of words: the actual download.

–> 192 kbps mp3

DMF – Special Edition
83 min mp3 (cut from 180 min), 192 kbps, 114.2 mb
Rec 2009-08-29 @ bermuda.funk, MA

-reviews (selected and mixed by Tony Neurofunktion aka Mr Bang-E).
01… Jubei + Cern – “Black Hole” [Ingredients Vinyl Dubplate]
02… Pyro – “Carburator 09″ [Digital Venom Vinyl Dubplate]
03… Raiden – “Hubble” [Offkey OK014 Vinyl Dubplate]

-in the mix: Tony Neurofunktion aka Mr Bang-E.
01… Chris Overdrive – “Spectralis” (Tilt Radio Exclusive Mix) [Vinyl Dubplate]
02… Ulterior Motive + Judda – “Heritage” [Never To Be Released Vinyl Dubplate]
03… Ulterior Motive – “Lost Voice” [Vinyl Dubplate]
04… Ulterior Motive + Judda – “Infrasonic” [Subtitles Vinyl Dubplate]
05… Nymfo – “Space Tourist” [C.I.A. Vinyl Dubplate]
06… Nymfo – “Magnetic Field” [C.I.A. Vinyl Dubplate]
07… Allied – “Tesserakt” [DSCI4 Vinyl Dubplate]
08… Allied – “Hypnosis” [DSCI4 Vinyl Dubplate]
09… Phobia – “Guillotine” [Coded 001 Vinyl Dubplate]
10… Raiden – “Peloton” [Position Chrome PC075 Vinyl Dubplate]
11… Raiden – “LHC” [Renegade Hardware Vinyl Dubplate]
12… No info – No info [Vinyl Dubplate]
13… Nymfo – “Social Isolation” [31 Vinyl Dubplate]
14… Sephiroth feat. Mr Bang-E – “Another Planet” [tba Vinyl Dubplate]
15… Sephiroth – “Dance With Death” [tba Vinyl Dubplate]
16… Kaiza feat. Try and Error – “Fuck The Speakers” [Tilt T-FILE024 Vinyl Dubplate]

-interview (tune in background).
01 Histibe – “B.C.” [CDR]