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All tunes formerly released commercially on Tilt-Recordings & T-Files have been available as free downloads for years along with the original netlabel releases on T-FREE; now they have all been uploaded on for posterity.


Final statement:

Some might have noticed that Tilt-Recordings has discontinued its operations… Although originally intended otherwise (cf TILT010 promotext) there will be no further vinyl releases on Tilt-Recordings because of the well known structural problems of the music industry in the contemporary digital media environment, effectively low vinyl sales and lack of funds. And since Tilt-Recordings started out as a vinyl label, it would be missing something essential if being continued 100% digitally. So the label was closed altogether.

Its last vinyl release has been TILT010 by Isotop/Kaiza/Shots/Budoka in early 2009, and the last digital release (T-FILE-EP015) came from Mefjus in November 2010.

The vinyl backstock was given out for free in spring 2011, all tunes were pulled from the digital shops soon after and were eventually made available as free 320 kbps mp3 downloads on the label homepage:

Bulk download links for all tunes officially released on Tilt-Recordings (zip files & podcast feeds):

No releases whatsoever will follow after, no label comeback or re-opening of Tilt-Recordings will happen. This shutdown is final. The associated Soundcloud profile and Facebook page/group will be terminated in July.

The sister netlabel T-FREE was also closed parallely in 2011, with a massive final celebration release – an LP (“tl;dr Happy End”) with 35 tracks from Budoka, Kaiza, Mefjus, Pyro, kr4y, SKC, Mav, Paperclip, Engage, Polarity, Proktah, Phony, Bowsar and many others:

Bulk download links for all tunes ever released on T-FREE (zip file & podcast feed):

We the people behind Tilt-Recordings (Budoka, DJ Malice, Kaiza and DJ Hektik) are still around and can be contacted & booked through the label homepage and our social network profiles (Soundcloud, Facecock etc).

Kaiza’s own label T3K Recordings (started in February 2009 as a semi-sublabel and detached from Tilt-Recordings in 2010) is still very much active:

Running Tilt-Recordings / T-Files and T-FREE was a significant part of my life for the past decade. I came to meet a lot of interesting people, had many valuable experiences and tons of fun, and I believe I also have learned some facts. My thanks go to all involved artists for their musical contribution and especially for allowing me to put the tunes online as free downloads after ending the money business, Phono (without his input the Tilt vinyl series since 2006 could not possibly have been the same; R.I.P. Leet & Intersection!), Jens Zimmermann aka Tyrell, Pyro, Polarity, Dimo, xplizit, Massl, David Badger and all others who contributed resources and information at various stages, most of all to the original founders and label mates Kaiza and Budoka.

Now for some final words by these other two label owners of Tilt-Recordings who have remained silent in most of the former label statements.

“Tilt-Recordings was the start of something for me. It was way more than just a label to release music i made or i liked. For me, it began to happen at the right time and the right place. And it was the melting pot of beliefs, ideals and expectations and also the first place of examination, observation, reflection and of course action. It was the roof over my head when “bad weather” was working against me and the “ground” beneath my feet on which i could walk whenever i wanted to. For me, the label was an absolute term for quite a long time. It was the main medium to make contacts, see the world and find a position in the dnb (lol)-circus. Although the idea (and so the label itself) was totally different in the beginning from what it became later on, Tilt-Recordings and all the people and things around it were basic groundworks for my musical development and also for my personal formation.
Now, some years later (and after countless experiences which can not be named here) and of course after a lot of change, i can say that i learned and gained so much from this project. For sure, these experiences are something that i dont want to miss… ”

“Looking back on the past almost ten years with ten vinyl-releases, a couple of mp3s and a heavy load of free tunes, Tilt-Recordings was not only a label to me but so much more. It was my homebase and it has given me the possibility to share my music to people all over the world. In all these years I gained a lot of experience and found many new friends. The label also pushed my development in producing and the evolving of my own sound.
So I have to thank my label-m8s for their hard work and for the many discussions we had. Sometimes they weren’t easy, but in the end we still made it and I’m proud that I’ve been a part of it.”

Teh links: (soon offline) (soon offline)

After analogue comes digital; after our vinyl backstock was given away for free, all 20 tunes released on vinyl by Tilt-Recordings are now available as free mp3 downloads:


Of course you can also still BUY the mp3s, lol.

All Tilt-Recordings vinyl releases, as far as still contained in the label backstock archive, are given out for free now (shipping excluded, of course). Right now the following releases are still available: T!LT#001, TILT006, TILT009 and TILT010 (artists and tunes see If you want any, write an email to “” with the email subject “records giveaway” and provide your shipping address.

You’re welcome :)

edit: all gone.

The Tilt-Recordings vinyl releases are now digitally available on Chemical Records (in addition to ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Beatsdigital and Beatport).

The Tunes released via T-Files and T3K will soon be added.

As the number and diversity of Drum & Bass producers is still growing, a lot of interesting music has been produced lately. Therefore, T-Files and Kaiza’s T3K imprint are having a busy time with many digital releases over the past months: one every week, mostly alternating between the two labels (T-FREE has not really slowed down either). And there is not going to be a summer pause…
Last week there was no release only due to a computer change in the main headquarter skyscraper of the Tilt-Recordings Empire (and the usual hick-ups coming with new computers). But as that problem is halfway solved, the labels’ system is running again.

The next thing is a digital Album by the Ukrainian DJ and producer Redco, coming on T-Files very soon. It is entitled “Soulfunk LP” and packed with Neurofunk dancefloor material.

Soon after that, the Nr.1 artist on Tilt-Recording, Budoka (who has recently built himself a new studio and is crafting beats again), will finally make his long overdue T-Files debut.

Furthermore, tunes by guest artists like Walder, Eiton, Paperclip, Try and Error, Proton Kid, Forbidden Socity, Markoman and others are signed and waiting for their release, as well as more tunes by Isotop, Kaiza and Shots (including the Isotop remix of Spinor’s “Moloch”).

The issue of vinyl records brings bad news AND good news: the release of the next one, TILT011, will most probably not happen before 2010 due to the usual lack of funds… But to make it up for only 1 vinyl release on Tilt-Recordings in 2009, a remix by the mighty Misanthrop of Neosignal is planned.

A bunch of tunes by Kaiza and Isotop have been signed to a number of other labels. Their names must remain untold though because it is up to them to announce the signings themselves at the right time of their choice :)
For starters, early July saw the release of these two tunes on Flight Digital FLTDIG021:
Budoka – “Pleasure Ride” (Isotop + Kaiza RMX)
Bassrk – “Head On The Ground” (Isotop + Kaiza RMX)
…and of these two on Anxiety Disorder ADRALB001 Dead Source LP:
Cyclone – “Acetylene” (Kaiza Remix)
Isotop + Kaiza Feat. Shots – “Hybrid”
More will follow.

…Apart from music itself, there are also some minor points of organisation which MIGHT be interesting if you follow Tilt-Recordings and the affiliated digital labels closely:

- Blog.
There is now a blog which gives an overview on all releases from these labels around the Trio-Music crew and other related stuff (podcasts, mixes, events etc.):

Of course the, and websites are still online, get updated regularly and function as proper archives and detailed info sources. The blog is “just” a blog for keeping updated on the boldest news from this camp.

- Server errors.
Due to heavy traffic, the domain (on which all of the labels’ clips and textfiles are hosted) encounters problems sometimes: when more than 100 people try to access it at the same moment, the server produces a 503 error to the 101th person (and above). But it does not mean the server is actually broken.
For example, if you try to download a T-FREE tune and get a 503 error, do not be alarmed. Simply try again. In most cases, it works fine just a few seconds later.
We will probably have to move to a different provider, but this could take quite a while. Anyway there are clips in the shops as well, the Tilt-Recordings and T-FREE homepages still works fine and for all the T-FREE tunes there are mirrors on the label website. Sorry for the inconviniency!

- Tilt-Recordings / T-Files shops.
The Dancerecords shop appears to have gone under (of course without paying any of the labels who had tunes there… proffessional rip-off business), so at the moment the only shops for buying Tilt & T-Files tunes digitally are ithinkmusic, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Beatsdigital and (usually with some weeks delay) Beatport.
Chemical-Records and Trackitdown may eventually follow in the future, but for now the tunes are only available here:

- T3K shops.
The tunes on T3K (the digital-only label of Kaiza) were available via the Tilt / T-Files profiles in the digital stores until the end of June. This has now changed, T3K has its own shop profiles now:

…the releases up to June are also on

That’s all the more or less important stuff for now.
Watch or for the next releases etc.