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Peter Kurten from Belgium is insane! After you listened to this EP you know why, and you know why he named himself after a very evil person who killed a lot of people. His music is full of authencity and certainly some provocation: “Furious Anger” and “Le Nom De Dieu” (T3K-EXP003) constantly beat your head without remorse. Expect no mercy…

Peter Kurten – “Furious Anger” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Peter Kurten – “Le Nom De Dieu” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, and others…

What happens if you mash New York Hip Hop with Hard Techno? Insane Peter Kurten (from Belgium, known from releases on own imprint Evil Beats and releaes on labels such as T-Files, Intransigent, Melting Pot, Independenza and others) creates a constant knock to your head at about 175 bpm only interrupted by some NYC/ROC samples. And all this made in a Drum N Bass-context. Dont get it twisted and expect something you never heard before…

Peter Kurten – “Hard Knockz” -> 128 kbps mp3 clip

The music is available here: Beatport, Juno, and others…

“Qntinuom” by Kaiza + Shots has been released on the free download debut LP of the newly started label Infectech Recordings, located in Santiago in Chile:

A – Malicious – Phalanx
B – Antichristus – Perverse Suffering
C – AirJ – Born From Hell
D – Kaiza & Shots – Qntinuom
E – Braincrack – Machine Mind
F – Greyone – Prosepaetsya
G – Killswitch – Dancefloor Slaughter
H – Peter Kurten – Diaposal of the body
I – Valvegod – Infect3d
J – Weirdo – I or Them

Free download:
–> .rar archive

INTECHLP001 APOCALYPTICISM : Born From Hell Volume 1
The first realesed will be a virtual LP,
loaded with different drum & bass subgenres such as Neurofonk,
some Techstep, technoid and even the darkest Darkstep.
In this launching you will find songs from important worldwide
producers who will welcome the first chilean dark drum and bass label.
WARNING, the massive infection now begin!

After their two recent releases on T-Files (“Virulence” as T-FILE029, “Arsenic” and “The Dead Man Walking” on T-FILE-EP013), Messieurs Colmant deliver this lovely streamlined technoid tool on T-FREE. Go check their alias “Antichristus” and their own label Evil Beats Recordings; and while you are at it, give a listen to “Arythmia” by Peter Kurten and Dead Kat (Amalgam 003 vinyl) because it is one of the wickedest Drum & Bass tunes ever!

–> 320 kbps mp3

After three single Colmant tunes on Tilt-Recordings (Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten – “Vendetta” [T-FILE012], Kriotek – “Borrhot” (Sinecore RMX) [T-FILE026], Sinecore + Peter Kurten – “Virulence” [T-FILE029]) it is now time for an EP (and something else soon). “Arsenic” is a rhythmic bouncer, almost completely dry. A proper basic loop made of syncopated bass stabs interplaying with a strong kickdrum and a dry snare, opened up with creative breaks, is all that is needed. “The Dead Man Walking” has a similar structure. But it is rolling more, has a much less prominent snare and there is a constantly modulated synth line woven into the rhythmic texture. Techno at its core: melody functions smoothly as one among other rythmic elements.

Check and!

Peter Kurten + Sinecore – “Arsenic” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip
Peter Kurten – “The Dead Man Walking” –> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 and wav available on Beatport, Digital-Tunes, Juno, Chemical, ithinkmusic.

The Belgians did it again! The two evil brothers bless Tilt-Recordings with a strong technoid stomper for the 3rd time.

–> 128 kbps mp3 clip

320 kbps mp3 and wav available on Beatport, Juno, Digital-Tunes, Chemical and ithinkmusic.