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Tilt-Recordings is an inactive vinyl + digital label from Mannheim (Germany) for technoid Drum & Bass.

it was started in 2003 by Bad Boy Kaiza and DJ Hektik (feat. amex) of Trio-Music together with Budoka (feat. DJ Malice) of Phishmaol and has been maintained by DJ Hektik since late 2005.

extra credit goes to Kogh & Hegglar (idea), Hegglar & Kogh (original logo and artwork concept), Eugen, p0n, Andrea, Marion & Willie, Felix, David, Dennis, Mario and Hegglar & Kogh (startup) and to Douglas McN and yuca (some checkreading).

the original artwork design idea was to present the vinyl releases in DOS style with an according colour scheme, font type and syntax on the records, info sheets and (to some degree) also on the internet. this strict approach soon collided with almighty pragmatism and started to shift towards more lenience right after T!LT#001.

the specific musical goal for the vinyl singles ever since TILT003 in late 2005 was to combine percussive Techno-DNB and midrange-driven Neurofunk - one extreme on each side, every tune a DJ tool for the dancefloor, with an eternal loop extracted from each tune cut into the respective runout groove (the latter was maintained up to TILT007).

also in 2005 the sisterlabel "T-FREE" was started - a free mp3 netlabel with a similar musical approach, but more flexible, experimental and much more open to guest artists.

in 2008 an additional series of commercial digital only releases on Tilt-Recordings (aka T-Files) was started - again musically similar to the vinyl series, but more flexible, experimental and with a much broader artist pool.

over the years, Tilt-Recordings flourished to some degree in its relatively small niche:
Music > Dance Music > EDM > broken beats > DnB > technoid DnB

it got attention inside and also outside its niche, had a couple of micro hypes, contributed to a good number of DnB careers and gained a body of faithful fans and followers spread around the globe as well as a couple of good connections and, of course, internet enemies.

T-FREE was quite successful within the parameters of its operation, especially in the east european and Ex-UDSSR region where it was allegedly a crucial factors for the Techno-DNB hype some years ago (according to 2 undisclosed sources - a russian bass music artist and a venezoelan dnb artist). the releases accumulated average internet traffic numbers of 30.000 hits per tune (highscore 620.000, 2nd place 137.000, lowest score 880; all numbers date from 2012-01 and are rounded down) on the main server alone (mirrors not counted).

the commercial releases on Tilt-Recordings, however, never made it bigger than 600 copies on the best selling vinyl release (which was, all in all, still below the point of break even) and an average turnover of 25 Euro per tune on the digital T-Files releases (highscore 215 Euro, 2nd place 48 Euro, lowest score 5 Euro; all numbers are rounded up).

in 2009 Tilt-Recordings put out its last vinyl record.

in 2010 Tilt-Recordings put out its last digital release.

2011-03 the remaining vinyls were pulled back from the distros and given out for free.

2011-06 all tunes were pulled from the digital shops and the tunes from the vinyl releases were put online as free 320'mp3 downloads.

2011-07 T-FREE put out its last release in a sort of parallel shutdown ("tl;dr, Happy End" LP with 35 tunes from various artists, 1 picture and a massive ammount of information).

2012-02 the tunes from the digital only releases were put online as free 320'mp3 downloads.

2012-06 Tilt-Recordings was officially pronounced dead.

some more details can be found here.

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