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Label info  
T-FREE is an inactive netlabel for technoid Drum & Bass; Techno-DNB and Neurofunk (some of the 3-EPs were more experimental). It started out in August 2005 as a joint sub-project of Trio-Music and Tilt-Recordings, then with January 2006 it turned into a sister label to Tilt-Recordings with its own website (final version: 2011-07) and was active in this capacity until July 2011.
Overall 219 tunes were put out as free mp3 downloads on 116 releases in those 7 years.
There never was an official T-FREE logo (the Tilt-Recordings logo was used a promotionally a number of times) and no artwork for the releases, except for the label collaborations and T-FREE-LP002; the major effort went into the music selection and information structure. More on history and context here.

Label related articles and interviews with further details and background info: here

Label related social network profiles: all deaded and gone, contact per email

All T-FREE releases in one podcast RSS feed: t-free_320_all-in-one_rss_feed.xml

File browsing: main server, mirror (via archive.org), mirror 2 (incomplete list)

T-FREE entries in remaining databases: Rolldabeats, Discogs

Links to declining rests of Drum & Bass netlabel infrastructure: here
Copyright & permission  
All tunes released on T-FREE are published under a Creative Common License. Anyone can legally up- and download, copy, burn and share them on multiple levels, play them on raves & radio shows and in mixes & podcasts (CD/tape/files/etc), use them in videos, video games, apps, widgets, theatre plays and whatever... it is legally possible to play them in public without paying royalties, even in Germany, because they are NOT subject to claims from GEMA, other copyright collectives or the general content mafia.
In this sense, the "free" in T-FREE resonates less with "cheap" than with "freedom!" -
and this comes with respect for culture and content, i.e. the music and how it's used.
Just two things are uncool: 1. trade (commercial exploitation), 2. changing the tunes without properly crediting the original names and the changes (cultural amnesia).
More detailed information on the legal aspects can be found here  Creative Commons License
Shouts & greetings  
Mad respect goes to the artist and people whose contributions made this project possible! And, needless to say, the peers involved in the two label collabo releases. A big thank you to sonicSQUIRREL.net who have been friendly providing mirrors to the netlabel community (including T-FREE) for many years, and further thanks to Ron Wechselberger, Mocks, Polarity, the Dangerous Minds, Massl and xplizit for having provided mirrors at various points in the T-FREE history. And finally BIGUP the one and only David Badger.
Donations, lol!!!11  
Be a paypal (:rolleyes:) on the server hosting, send moneys: t-freetilt-recordingscom
Feedback (both kinds)  
"puts some more established labels to shame"
(crystl_lake @ www.freak-recordings.com/community 2008-06)

"96% of the shit you put out is garbage"
(djc @ www.techno-dnb.com/forum 2008-06)
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